Age: 10
Adoption Fees: $400

September 25, 2023 – Dallas came in a few days ago. She was sent to us from the Ottawa Humane Society.  Dallas is spayed and she is 10 years old.  She will be going to the vet tomorrow for a complete check up.


Age: DOB Feb 2023
Adoption Fees: $750

September 25, 2023 – We have now had Olive for almost a full month and one thing that is clear, is she is an absolute sweetheart. Olive is almost blind and she seems to be deaf.  Olive has learned the layout of the house and as long as we leave furniture where it should be and chairs tucked in, she navigates the house, no problem.
Olive is learning to do her business outside.  We try to give her physical praise when she does business outside to encourage her to do her to continue to do business outside.
Olive likes to be where the people are and follows the vibration of footsteps, so is never too far away! We are out walking a lot and she is a rockstar on a leash. Of course with smell being her best sense, walks can sometimes take longer than expected as we stop to smell the roses along the way.  Olive sleeps through the night and flips between her crate and her bed but is a great little sleeper. Routine is key with little Olive and we try to keep her daily activities close to the same every day.  Olive is getting spayed on October 11, 2023.

August 31, 2023 – Olive came to us yesterday.  She is 6 months old.  She is likely deaf and blind and coming from a puppy mill.  Olive is going to the vet tomorrow for a compete check up.  She is a very sweet and cuddly girl.


Age: 4
Adoption Fees: $750

August 31, 2023 – Jewels has really found her rhythm at her foster home. She is happy with her routine, new foods and surroundings. She is bonding well, has a happy spirit and likes to travel to the weekend getaway. We are happy to report after a follow up visit with the vet that Jewels is down 1.5 pounds or .7 kilograms which is a really healthy rate of decline.

August 21, 2023 – Jewels loves to go to bed with her foster family. She loves a good night sleep. She has finished her antibiotics and pain medication. Humid and hot days warrant shorter or evening walks. She tried a game of chase yesterday as she learns more social activities. She is a little jumpy to young kids, noises and stepping on objects, she does a little jump in the air with all four feet. Jewels or aka Jelly Bean is such a wonderful pup.

August 14, 2023 – Jewels is feeling so well now she prances around the yard sniffing before finding her perfect pee spot. There is no more urgency to go. She can be very excitable and quite frisky now while playing with her foster siblings. She is comfortable in a crate or also left roaming around. Walks and welcoming someone home are her most favorite things. She is a very well behaved gal.

August 8, 2023 – Jewels’s surgery to remove the stones in her bladder went very well.  She is back to her foster family for a smooth recovery.

August 3, 2023 – Jewels was at the vet today.  She was attempting to urinate a lot so we had xrays done and we discovered that her bladder was full of stones.  Her surgery is scheduled for Tuesday August 8.

August 1, 2023 – Jewels came to us this afternoon.  Very sadly, her owner only has very little time to live and coudn’t take care of her anytime.  Jewels was his entire life and we promised him we would shower her with love.  Jewels is 4 years old.
Come back for more on Jewels as we get to know her.


Age: DOB April 21, 2023
Adoption Fees: $750

July 31, 2023 – Willow’s foster dad has adopted Willow.  He has been fostering for us for 11 years and Willows has formed a bond with his young pug Frank.  They are inseparable.

July 25, 2023 – Willow officially turned 3 months old last Wednesday. She is settling into our routine nicely, and we are
adapting to having a little energizer pug-bunny back in our home. Willow is making steady progress with her house training. The only hindrance at this point is she cannot get herself down the steps and we end up with a pee or poop on the deck. We take it all in good stride and it will only be a matter of time before she is able to go down the steps like she flies up them. Willow has been on a couple of walks, she
does well, but has not figured out that she can do her business while on the end of a leash. Crating while leaving the house is a non-issue (couple of whimpers and then falls to sleep), but at night she much
prefers the big bed and likes to sleep with her human, and pug brother and sisters. Willow is going for a medical check up this coming Thursday to ensure she is developing as she should be. Willow is an extremely sweet girl and one of her favorite games is to play fetch with a ball.

July 17, 2023 – Willow came in early yesterday afternoon and settled in quickly. She has no issues being around the resident pugs and even initiated some play. Willow has a great temperament, good appetite and quickly figured her surroundings out; she also loves to frolic outside on the grass. We will continue to work on her potty and crate training. Willow will go to the vet later next week for a complete check up. In true puppy fashion, there are lots of bursts of energy followed by naps. Oh, and she is a bit of snuggle bug!


Age: 7
Adoption Fees: $400

June 7, 2023 – Bernie is gone to his forever home.  He will share his life with a pug sister.

May 10, 2023 – Bernie is settling in well and getting along very well with us and his foster Frenchie sister. Few pics below.  He has a good routine now.

Typically, he goes to bed around 9:30 pm and will sleep through the night.
Usually, he will sleep in our bedroom on his cushion but occasionally if he’s really snoozing in the living room, he will stay there all night and just come into our room in the morning if he hears one of us get up.  We have stopped using the belly band as he doesn’t need it.

Bernie likes to get up a little before 7 am and really enjoys his first walk of the day. He has a lot of energy and enjoys a minimum of two walks a day. We continue to work on his manners as he will bark and lunge at dogs and sometimes people. He really enjoys being outdoors especially at the cottage where he has the run of a large outdoor deck and can chase the chipmunks.  Bernie is on a twice daily feeding schedule now and has adjusted well. BCR meatloaf mixed with some kibble. He sometimes will drop a little kibble on the floor next to his dish if he takes too large of a mouthful and the foster Frenchie will sneak in and get his droppings which he doesn’t mind at all. He has dropped another 0.5 lb.

He likes cucumbers as a little treat.  Bernie enjoys playing with toys and if you’re sitting on the sofa he will bring a toy to you if he wants to play fetch.

He does not jump on furniture and he does not beg at the table. He’s well mannered around the kitchen and table.  He loves his foster Mom and Dad and all the friends and family he’s met during his time with us. He was super at the Running of the Pugs event on April 16.  Bernie can be a little shy/nervous when meeting new people if he’s on a leash and may try to nip if he’s scared. Best to go slow and make sure he is comfortable and secure.  Bernie not the greatest traveller but the dog booster seat has really helped him to settle to the point where he actually slept a little on our return from the cottage this past weekend.  I have left Bernie at home alone on a few occasions and he was super! No accidents or barking. He goes to sleep on his bed and wakes up when I come in though the door.  All in all, he’s a really sweet boy…healthy, energetic, playful and a happy dog.  Ideally, a home with a fenced backyard would be great for him and someone who has the time to walk and play with him daily as he does have a lot of energy …he’s definitely not a couch potato!

Bernie would be happy with another dog or by himself.

April 11, 2023 – Bernie came in on Thursday April 2.  He is 7 years old and is a rather large pug who will benefit from losing a few extra lbs.  Bernie is very friendly and good with other dogs.  He loves to play with toys and is well behaved in the house.  Come and meet Bernie at our April 16 Spring Running of The Pugs at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre from noon to 3pm.  Bernie is going to the vet tomorrow for a complete check and to be brought up to date in his vaccination and microchipped.  Bernie is already neutered.


Age: 8
Adoption Fees: $500

June 29, 2023 – Daisy  is still taking 2 Apoquel a day to control her allergies. If her dose is late, she scratches her body and licks her paws like mad. She is still healing from her infections. We are giving her antibiotics and baths and cleaning her ears once per day, and face two times per day.

Her face folds are looking better, but her ears are still pretty gross.

May 15, 2023 – Daisy’s post-surgery follow-up appointment went very well. Everything is healing nicely, and we have removed her cone – which makes her very happy! She has one final suture to dissolve and we have to keep up a little extra TLC for her face and folds for a little while yet. She is moving more smoothly around the house now that the cone is off and is enjoying cuddling more comfortably with us and in her bed. Daisy is much more relaxed. Her body language is looser, she breathes more deeply and her sprawled posture while sleeping says that she is resting without pain. She is less irritable with our dog and can relax and walk on a leash with him. She also said a relaxed hello to other friendly dogs we know while on her walk today, which is a big step! We must still separate her from our dog with a gate when there is food, or high-value treats present as she will guard them. Daisy is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever known, and she will be a joy living as the only dog with a forever family who will be sensitive to her special needs as a blind dog who can be irritable with other dogs sometimes but is beyond loving with humans. Here she is basking in the sun, which is one of her favorite activities.

April 20, 2023 – Daisy continues to receive the drops and medications needed to care for her eyes and control her allergies. Her skin and fur are looking much improved and her coat has started to shine.  We are looking forward to seeing her many bald patches shrink.
To the casual observer, Daisy’s eyes might appear improved, but appearances are misleading. To maintain a basic level improvement, Daisy needs around the clock eye drops. As soon as she goes a couple of hours without drops, her eyes rapidly regress and become itchy and painful. Due to this, and because the veterinary ophthalmologist has determined that Daisy is permanently blind, the rescue has decided to provide Daisy with a double  enucleation, or eye removal. This procedure will ensure that Daisy has no more pain from her eyes, and relieve her of the stress of receiving multiple eye drops per day for the rest of her life.  The surgery will take place on April 26.
Otherwise, Daisy continues to be very affectionate with her humans, but remains wary of other dogs.

April 11, 2023 – Daisy is becoming more comfortable around the resident pug, but I think it is at least in part because he has learned to be cautious around her and to not try to engage her in play. She’s happy to hang out with him if he’s calm.

As a companion to humans, Daisy is a treasure. She is loving and affectionate. We have developed good communication between us with lots of reassurance and cues on our end and she trusts us completely. I think, in most situations, if Daisy responds poorly to something it’s because the human involved hasn’t prepared her adequately for what’s coming. She loves adults and children who are taught to engage with her with sensitivity to her disabilities. She does like to bark, however, when anyone approaches the door and can sound like she is growling (she’s not) so she can be a little intimidating to those who do not know her, especially children. She walks well on a leash and is doing a great job of mapping out our house. She sleeps on her bed in the kitchen at night because it’s unsafe to have her on the bed – although we do have snuggle time on the bed most nights. We tried letting her sleep in her bed in our room but she would wander at night and we were worried for her safety.
So, at this point, I would recommend that Daisy be adopted by someone who is home during the day, can apply eye drops throughout the day, and has no other pets, although I think another senior dog/s would be fine. The home should have either no children, or older children who can be taught how to love her appropriately.  They need to be prepared to make modifications, such as baby gates on stairs, to keep her safe.
April 4, 2023 – We are closing out our third week fostering Daisy and we contine to develop safety and trust. She’s sweet and loving, although tentative and uncertain at times.
The biggest challenge Daisy faces is a mixture of blindness and anxiety. We are working on developing cues that we are going to touch her or lift her. Cues that we are going to put on a shirt, or take one off. Cues to let her know when a stair is coming up, or someone is walking toward her. Letting her smell everything before it touches her is key. We are helping her to slowly map our home and yard, and how to tell us if she needs to go out between outings. Her lack of awareness leads to accidents, but we are confident we can change that with training and familiarity.
She is becoming more comfortable with physical affection with familiar people. She follows the sound of my voice and wants to be with me, and will let me stroke her and give her scratches, although she’s is sensitive to parts of her back being touched. She dances away from other family members after a quick pat. She barks and grumbles at strangers and doesn’t like other dogs. She can’t read their social cues and it stresses her out. She hates cats so much she can sense one and explodes into a ball of baking and spite if one is near.
She has nipped at us but has never broken the skin. One occasion was when her paw got caught in a knitted sweater and another was when she was getting into a harness. We believe these incidents were tied to confusion and fear. We have changed to clothes and a harness that are easier for her to put on. She went through a period of fighting her drops and medicines but she seems to be calmer now, with repetition, rewards and lots of cuing. She likes to play with toys, but not with our other dog, and sometimes growls at him if he startles her (fair!) They do like to bark together, so there is that.
Medically, Her eyes are having more periods of reduced redness (not all the time) and some of the black pigment seems to have cleared. She continues to scratch and lick as her steroid is reduced, but is starting a new allergy medication, so this should help. She wears soft, breathable shirts and pjs to protect her very damaged skin from scratching and hopefully promote healing. We give frequent breaks from the shirts, never wear them wet and change and wash them daily.  Everything with our pugs is done mindfully! Her ears are softer and starting to be able to “jiggle” in a healthy way as the allergies, bacteria, and yeast clear. All in all, she is moving in a good direction. She has a good appetite.
March 23, 2023 – Daisy continues to receive treatments for her various health issues. She’s starting to get annoyed with us applying eye and ear drops multiple times a day, but we’re trying to make it as pleasant an experience as possible with lots of positive reinforcement. The regular vet has confirmed that Daisy will need very regular eye drops for the rest of her life, so it’s a priority for her drops to not become something she dreads and fights, so we’re trying our best. She has finished her current course of antibiotics and is still taking steroids for her allergies. She is receiving regular baths with medicated shampoo.
Daisy met with the ophtalmologist this morning who confirmed that she has Pigmentary Keratitis in her eyes. Pigmentary keratitis refers to brownish-black discoloration of the eye’s surface caused by the deposition of pigmented melanin granules. Pigmentary keratitis is caused by chronic irritation or inflammation of the eye. When this chronic inflammation occurs, melanin granules can be deposited within the deep layers of the cornea.
The ophtalmologist confirmed that Daisy likely only see shadows. The doctor is unsure if she will regain any sight, even with diligent application of drops.
Daisy is sweet and affectionate. She likes to be scratched.  She doesn’t have much interest in the resident pug. She walks very well on a leash. She seems fine with children and is not too barky. She is very sensitive to having the area around her spine touched.  This is where the doctor believes she may have had broken bones that were untreated.

March 20, 2023 – Daisy seems to already feel much better with the medication she started, she is going to the ophtalmologist this week to have her eyes checked.  She continues to be a doll when it comes to giving her medication.

March 15 2023 (later): Daisy went to the vet this afternoon. is being treated for severe eye, ear, and skin infections, and allergies. She has started a different eye and ear drops, steroids and broad spectrum antibiotics. Her eyesight is very poor and we don’t presently know if that will improve with treatment, but she seems to be able to hear. She is eating well and tolerating her treatments with a lovely temperament. The vet has advised that she remain separate from other dogs during the initial stages of her treatment until we know the extent of her infections. Daisy will require a spay surgery, once she is healthier, and undergo further health investigations, as needed.

March 15, 2023 – Daisy came in last night.  She will be 8 years old next month, she is born April 13, 2015.  She has dry eyes and sky problems.  She is going to the vet this afternoon for a complete check up.  Stay tuned for more on Daisy.


Age: 8
Adoption Fees: 500

January 20, 2023 – Dexter has been adopted by his foster mom.  He will share his life with 2 pugs.

January 4, 2023 – We had a lovely Christmas Day. I brought Dexter to my parents house in the morning at 9am and he spent the whole day and evening with us. He was very good, he did not try to open any gifts or eat any of our snack, we had a lot, and he did not chase or even care about the cat. I left him for 3-4hrs with my parents while I ran home to walk the others and prepare part of the Christmas dinner. He did not make a peep while I was gone, just found a pillow to curl up on and kept an eye on my mother as he spends most days with both of us at work so he knows her well. He was very content and just let out one little bark of joy when I came back to the house as I also had HIS dinner with me which he was very excited about. He is still very itchy and scratches around his ear area quit a bit, not the inside just the outside. That being said he was on turkey and I have now tried him on Lamb for the last week and this seems to have brought the itching back. His ears have healed at least they are not crusty or bloody anymore just itchy. He likes to curl up on my housecoat or my pillow anytime he can the little monkey, if I get up for one moment in the night he jumps on my pillow and then I have to move him back to his own pillow, what a little stinker but so good.

December 19, 2022 – Dexter is such a wonderful dog, he has to be around you with eyes on you at all times. He is getting more energetic as they days go by, he now makes the entire length of the store, backroom included 4200 square feet, his race track. He is so excited when I bring him in; in the afternoons he runs from one end to the other and around all the racks and back again, he runs like a little puppy legs all over the place. He seems to be adapting to the raw food. The folds around his nose have healed up very nicely and the fur is growing back but the top of his ears are still giving him trouble. I have a probiotic shampoo and conditioner that I am going to try on him see if that helps if not then we may have to go back to the vet. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this little boy; he is bouncy, lovable, cuddly, quiet just so sweet and he is finally getting to cuddle with his foster brothers as they are all pretty used to each other now.

December 13, 2022 – Dexter is doing really well, fitting in nicely. he is such a little love bug and loves to do zoomies around the main floor after coming in from the backyard. He is getting along well with the routine of the house and has caught on very quickly to treat time and meal time. I separate him from the others during meal times. I put him in the backroom, ask him to stay and he always does, he listens VERY well. When leaving the house everyone gets really excited but Dexter listens when I say back, stay, he just wants to please. I have been bringing him into work a few times a week in the afternoons where he follows me everywhere or sits up on a chair so he can see where we all are at all times. He is very quiet and just loves all the attention from the customers that fawn over him just a very well behaved gentle soul. His ears have not healed up yet he still has little bald spots and scabs that he scratches at frantically. He will be going for a nice grooming sometime soon we just wanted to let his ears heal a bit before doing so. He quit often barks and growls at his back end while running in a circle which should be solved once he gets neutered in early January.

December 5, 2022 – Dexter has been with us for a week now; he is a very lovely boy. After a week of determining the pecking order in the household, things have settled in nicely. When I first brought him home, he did not want to eat any food or take any treats at all no matter what it was. He finally tried a treat about day three and since then he is very excited to come in from the backyard and join everyone in the giving of the treats. He is very gentle and still does not say too much but I have finally had the chance to hear his bark as the mailman came to the door, it is quit deep. He came to work with me a few afternoons this week and he was very very good. He followed me everywhere, greeted customers but did not jump or get in the way, did not try to get out the door and never said a word, a real gentleman. We are wiping his patchy skin twice a day to treat his bacteria buildup and he is eating his raw food very happily now and thankfully his body is starting to get used to the change in food, he is not passing such smelly gas. He really enjoys his walks and just prances away he is very beautiful and as somebody recently commented he looks like a stallion the way he stands tall and runs so beautifully.

December 3, 2022 – Dexter went to the vet for a complete check up and to be vaccinated.  His skin is a bit rough.  We have put him on a raw lamb formula to see how it will help him.  He is also on hemp seed oil.  Dexter is 22.4lbs.  He is getting neutered on January 12, 2023.  Dexter’s teeth are in good condition but the vet will re evaluate this when he gets neutered.

November 28, 2022 – Dexter came to us yesterday. He is a very calm and sweet little boy, not pushy or aggressive and just wants to cuddle and give kisses. he is very good in the car just investigated a bit and then slept most of the way home or looked out the window from time to time. He seems pretty healthy but he has very dry skin and tattered ears with a fairly fresh wound on one of them. He has dry caked gunk in one of his wrinkles by his nose. Dexter loves pillows given the chance that’s where he chooses to sleep, right on top, such a pug. His foster brothers seem to be ok with him so far nothing but curiosity and lots of smelling going on.
He slept through the night with no issues and we ALL slept on the bed together.
Dexter is very loving and really just wants to cuddle all the time and sleep up with me on my pillow. Dexter is a very quiet boy as I have not heard a single peep from him yet as far as a bark or a whine. Dexter is going to the vet tomorrow for a complete check up (blood work & vaccines) and we will then book him in to get neutered.


Age: DOB May 29, 2022
Adoption Fees: $750

December 3, 2022 – Lewis is recovering very well from his neutering surgery.  He is going to his forever home on December 10.

November 28, 2022 – Lewis was neutered on Friday.  The surgery went very well.  He is now available for adoption.  We are looking for a home with another playful dog so they both can entertain each other and have a nice active life.

November 21, 2022 – Lewis has made great strides in his walking abilities and completed his first 3 km walk! Lewis is also improving with interacting with other dogs; previously, he would cry and stop walking when he met another dog on a walk and the dog left. However, now he can, at most times, keep walking. Lewis experienced his first snow and loved it. Lewis is now sleeping through the night. His foster parents are trying to prevent him from chewing on socks and furniture.

November 15, 2022 – Lewis is continuing to make progress on his walking abilities. He’s also starting to improve his listening skills, and is working towards consistent response to commands. He is extremely social on his many trips around the neighborhood each day, and will stop and play with other dogs that we come across for as long as they and their owners are willing to. He is, however, still having a little trouble moving on from interactions such as playing with another dog, getting spooked on nighttime walks, and even saying hi to random people passing by. Though we suspect that he is still adjusting to the new neighbourhood and busy city life and will become more comfortable outside over time.

November 7, 2022 – Lewis is still on the journey of becoming fully potty trained. He is getting better at letting his foster family know when he must go and has had significantly fewer accidents. He is still getting used to walks, understanding how to best interact with other dogs, and learning how to pee with his leg up. Lewis is getting better at sleeping through the night, and this week sleep ranged from getting up at 3 am to sleeping till 9 am.

Lewis is a very kind-hearted pup who loves exploring and seeing new things/people/dogs. When he sees something/someone new, he initially gets spooked/overexcited and needs to be cuddled but after a few minutes, he will settle.  Overall, Lewis has shown significant growth in his potty training and walking endeavours.

October 31, 2022 – Lewis came to us on October 23. He is a sweet boy and is born on May 29, 2022.  Lewis is a big boy at already 15lbs.  He seems to be 80% pug at least and the rest is a mystery.  Lewis enjoys many walks a day and is a very friendly pug.  He has been brought up to date in his vaccination and will be neutered in the coming month.  Stay tuned for more on this sweet boy in the coming weeks.


Age: DOB April 19, 2022
Adoption Fees: $750

October 31, 2022 – Franklin has been adopted by his foster dad who has been fostering for us for over 10 years.

September 26, 2022 – Franklin has settled in nicely to our routine over the last week.  The little guy is very easy going and LOVES to meet new people and all dogs while we are out and about on our walks.  His leash manners are almost perfect, we are working on discouraging him from trying to chase vehicles while walking. There have been two pee accidents in the house, but I will take blame for those as I am still getting used to having a puppy in the house! Franklin loves to spend time on the big bed but has zero issue sleeping in his crate the whole night without a peep.  He had the opportunity to attend a family gathering on the weekend and did extremely well with a house full of people but was a little unsure of a crawling one year old dog savvy toddler.  It didn’t take him long to warm up and offer some friendship kisses.  Franklin is a very social, smart and well adjusted pug puppy.

September 20, 2022 – Frank aka Franklin is settling in nicely in his foster home. He enjoys the company of the three resident
pugs very much, maybe a little too much! He is full of puppy energy and very well behaved for a 5-
month-old puppy. It is obvious that he has had some prior training before being surrendered and
understands most basic commands.
Franklin was in the company of a younger dogs on Sunday, and they had so much fun together. Nonstop
zoomies and chasing after each other with the ball in their mouths. Frank like to chase squirrels in the
backyards a tell off the birds that fly overhead.
There have been no accidents in the house, and he is sleeping in his xpen in a separate room at night
and settles quickly. Franklin enjoys his multiple walks per day and has excellent leash manners. He is
very excitable when cars pass by so that is a little something we will need to work on.
Franklin is on two different eye drops. One he gets three times per day and the other is twice per day.
This will likely be the routine for the remainder of his life due to ulcer scaring and pigmentary keratitis.
This is a serious commitment for his adoptive family to keep in mind.
Stay tuned for the next weekly update as we get to know Franklin better. So far, I can describe him as
an adorable, loveable little man with lots of charm and a big personality.

September 19, 2022 – Frank came in yesterday.  He is born on April 19, 2022 and he is Bob & Bee’s littermate.  Frank is going to the vet this Thursday for a complete check up.  Like Bob & Bee, Frank is born with eye problems, his don’t seem to be as severe though.  He requires Tacrolimus & tear gel in his eyes every day.  More on Frank as we get to know him more.


Age: 2
Adoption Fees: $750

November 28, 2022 – Myla was spayed on Friday.  The surgery went very well.  Myla is getting adopted by her foster mom.

October 31, 2022 – Myla is doing very well, she will get spayed in the coming week.  Myla will be adopted by the Emergency Hospital RVT who fostered her since she came to us to have a second surgery to her right eye.

September 12, 2022 – Myla’s stitches from her enucleation surgery gave up and she had to go to the Emergency Clinic this past Friday.  She is now on 2 different antibiotics and the surgery site has to be cleaned regularly.  Myla is going back to the vet today for a check up.

September 7, 2022 – Myla came in last night.  She is born May 1, 2020.  She was surrendered by her owner who was unable to keep her.  Myla has had an eye injured by a big dog and it couldn’t be saved.  She had her right eye removed yesterday at the emergency clinic in Niagara.  More on Myla as we get to know her.