Foster a Pug

Fostering a rescued pug is both the hardest and most enjoyable thing. It is difficult because it rends your heart to see what our fellow humans have done to an animal that only wants to be loved, or an innocent pug that is simply no longer a good fit somewhere.

But it is also rewarding because you get to initiate and see through a process of rediscovery and healing for the rescued animal. You have the opportunity to teach an abused and/or neglected creature that humans can be loving and trusted after all, and that sharing their life with us can be rich and wonderful.

Still, fostering is not for everyone. Some find it too heart-breaking, especially when it is time to send a newly beloved pug to its “forever home.” This is something you need to think about. You will be no good to an animal if you are flooded with intense emotions.

Know your limits. If you are someone who likes an immaculately clean house, fostering probably isn’t for you. Similarly, if you have a busy and active social life that takes up many of your evenings and weekends, or your work takes up more than 40 hours per week outside of the home, you should accept that you are probably not a good candidate.

Henri_BijouThink about the kinds of dog behaviours that drive you crazy. Can’t stand barking or a dog that leaves its marks in the house? Also, if you have small children, cats that are terrified of dogs or another dog that is overly territorial, you might find the fostering experience will be too much.

UNDER MY WING– Pug Rescue’s fostering team can help you decide if fostering is appropriate for you and then, if you find yourself providing interim care, guide you through any issues that arise with your “guest pug.” To learn more about fostering,  please contact us HERE.

If you wish to foster a pug, please download the Fostering Application below and return to us by email.

Foster Application