Age: DOB September 24, 2020
Adoption Fees: $600
Adoption Status:

November 15, 2023  – Sookie and Rorie have been adopted by their foster mom.  They have bonded with her and we believe this is the best for these 2 sweet girls.

October 31, 2023 – Sookie was spayed today; everything went fine, she did very well and they were also able to enlarge her nostrils as they were very narrow and she had difficulty breathing by her nose, she had to open her mouth.  The problem will be resolved now.  Sookie is such a smart little girl and learns very fast. When I have her at work, she comes every time I call her.  She pays attention to what I am asking her to do. When I want to leave my house, she would get very upset but now, when I ask her to be quiet and step back from the door she listens.
Sookie is beautiful and a perfect little pug package; stalky and a perfect little curled tail and what a face.

October 19, 2023 – Sookie is the cutest of the cute! She is just a little bundle of wrinkles and stalkiness. She has lost a wee bit of weight since I have had her probably from all the running around. Sookie is a little less timid than Rorie. It was easier to get close to her from the beginning and she loves to give kisses. Sookie loves to run and play fight anytime she can and she has a little more adventure for the outdoors than Rorie.  She is the first to go and not afraid to run out on her own or with one of the other resident pugs. We are working on our walks but the two of them are so timid still it can get very tangly. Sookie also has a lot of separation anxiety at the moment, so I hope with me leaving and coming home everyday, in time, they will realize I am coming back.  Sookie had her veterinary visit; she is a pretty healthy girl and is scheduled to be spayed on the 26 of October.

October 11, 2023 – This little girl is quite something, very very sweet so kind hearted. She came to me and I could not even touch her. By the evening, I just sat on the floor with her, has folded and head down so she could sneak up on me and smell me I did this for about a half hour and she had lots of good smelling. I was able to touch Sookie before I went to bed where I left her closed by for the evening. In the morning, she was very excited to see us. I opened the door and let my pugs in to see how everyone would get on, lots of sniffing but everything went really well. I let her run through the house and into the backyard for their first adventure.  Run run run sniff bark then 110 miles an hour back into the house.

In two days, she has come such a long way already. Sookie has already learned to use the backyard to go to the bathroom. She has learned to wait for treats along with the resident pugs and nobody has gotten in trouble. Sookie is now on raw food and just explode with energy when it is meal prep time. She is amazing.

October 9, 2023 – Sookie was surrendered to us due to no fault of her own.  She is a 3 year old girl and she is spayed.
Stay tuned for more on Sookie as we get to know her.
Note that Sookie is NOT available for adoption at the moment.
Adoption Application submitted while Sookie is NOT available for adoption will be discarded.