Age: 3 years old
Adoption Fees: $400
Adoption Status:

October 23, 2018 – Tayo has been adopted, he will shared his life with Ben, the black puggle.

October 16, 2018 – As Tayo gets more comfortable he is really showing his personality.  He is a quirky little guy and makes us laugh with his noises and demands for attention.  Although he can be a little anxious at times, he is a very happy dog and loves to play.  He is under 20lbs now and looks and feels great.  He loves to snuggle in his soft blanket and he follows us everywhere in the house.  He welcomes everyone that comes in the house with smiles and a wagging tail.  He enjoys snuggling on the couch, but he is very active and would be best suited with a family that could take him for walks and spend lots of time with him.  He wants to be touching someone all the time and hasn’t used any of the dog beds, he prefers to sit beside someone or on top of them.

October 13, 2018 – Tayo is doing great, he went to the vet last weekend to have his anal glands expressed and feels much better now. He also lost 4lbs and is looking much healthier. He sleeps in our bed but sometimes would rather just sleep on the couch. He is quite active but loves to snuggle. He does whine occasionally if he wants out or just if he wants some attention. He seems to do fine when we leave for a couple hours, he just curls up and sleeps. Since he has been on raw food (lamb), his itching has stopped and he is showing no sign of allergies. He is playing with toys and always seems happy. I think he ready to find his forever home with someone who will help him adjust to his new home. He can be a little anxious, so he will need time to settle in. He loves to go outside for walks or even just to sniff. He has not had any accidents since that first day and lets us know if he needs to go out. He is very submissive around the other dogs. He would do best with smaller submissive dogs. Although he hasn’t been around cats at our house, he did see the cat at the vet and sniffed her. He will jump right in the car, but he did cry all the way to the vet both times he went, but he slept all the way home. I think he was just worried I was taking him somewhere and leaving him. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by noises as we have had work going on outside with heavy machinery and he was fine. Tayo is 24lbs.

September 27, 2018 – Tayo has been here 2 weeks now and has adjusted well. He is much more comfortable and is playing with toys and settling into our schedule. He will go to the door and cry to go out and we haven’t had any accidents since that first day. He loves walks but also loves cuddling on the couch. He is very friendly and has fallen in love with a soft blanket we have. He sucks it and carries it around the house. He can be vocal at times, no barking just a little whine when he wants attention or needs to go out. His skin looks great on the raw diet, but he still loves a good back scratch and will make all kinds of moaning noises when someone gives him a scratch. At first, we thought he was growling but it is his happy noise. He doesn’t show much interest in the other dogs, I think he finds the resident Weimaraner a bit scary due to his size. He will sit on my lap with the resident pug x but would be fine being the only dog. His fur is looking much healthier and he has lost some weight and is able to jump up on the bed and do the stairs on his own. I think he would do fine in a home with kids, maybe a bit older as he can get a little stressed if there is too much going on. We had a 5-month-old baby here for a couple hours and he sniffed her feet and was very gentle. He has not had any exposure to cats. He doesn’t seem to be upset by loud noises or thunder.



September 13, 2018 – Tayo was abandoned at the SPCA because his owner didn’t have time for him.  He is a sweet pug/Pekinese and he is 3 years old.  Tayo will go to the vet for a complete check up and to schedule his neutering surgery.