Age: 7 years old
Adoption Status:

tasha2We had a sneaking suspicion that first day when Tasha came into our home to be fostered, that she had just walked into her forever home. When she looks at you with those big soulful eyes, she absolutely melts your heart and you can’t help but fall in love with her. She has blossomed from a scared little scruffy pup with all the dandruff, into such a confident little girl with a soft, shiny coat. She loves her big pug brother Toby and will snuggle up with him on the chair to nap during the day. At night, she sleeps in the big bed, on her back, with her head on the pillow, snoring like a freight train. She welcomes the other foster pugs who have come into our home, but despite her small size, she will stand her ground if they try to eat her food. When she knows she has done something to please us, she does a cute little dance, loving the attention. Tasha is quite content sitting on our laps, just observing the world around her. We are so lucky to have this new addition to our family. She may be a tiny dog, but she sure has lots of love to give.

Anne-Marie & Mark