Adoption Status:

websterWebster is a wonderful addition to our family and fits in better than we could have imagined. He follows me EVERYWHERE! But I love it. If we leave the house, even if we are just outside the front door he starts barking and yelping sadly for us to come back. If we leave we will return to find him sleeping on the front door mat waiting for us. Today I came home from work and found him on the mat waiting for me, even though there were other members of the family at home, my husband said he had slept there for a few hours in anticipation of my arrival home. Webster has a way of making us feel very special, he is not unfriendly to other people but only gives love (and kisses) to the people who are special to him.

Our daughter and him are two little playmates and are like siblings. He loves playing with her, chasing and wrestling together. He loves to play so much that often he tries to initiate play by getting into mischief like stealing socks and running away or… anything he knows he should not have and running away so you will chase him.

I want to offer my deepest thanks to Genevieve, Webster’s foster family and everyone who volunteers for UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue. I am so happy that I found this rescue group and cannot tell others enough good things about what you are doing for these animals and the lucky ones who adopt them.

Janina & Paolo