Age: 15 months old
Adoption Status:

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100cot and I would like to thank you so much for bringing little Leto (formerly Chase) into our lives. Right from the first day, he was a darling and loving personality. Over the 4 weeks or so he’s been with us, he has shown himself to be even more of a silly love bug than we originally thought. He is so eager to please, tries to make us laugh, and is more than happy to lie in a lap or in our arms. Over the last few days, he has started standing on the sofa with his paws on our chest, to gaze into our eyes and give us a little kiss on the nose. It is not hard to interpret this as a ‘thank you’ for bringing him home.

Best of all, Leto and Wally, our other dog bonded from the first moment they saw each other, and have become closer with each passing day. They are very brotherly now. They now sleep in the same bed, and Wally often spoons in Leto’s arms or uses Leto as a pillow. And like true brothers, when they play together, it’s a little like a clash of the titans, with chasing, pouncing, snorting, and wrestling. They take turns being the dominant one, and both keep coming back for more.
We would like to add a few words for anyone who is thinking about adopting a ‘special needs’ dog and hesitating. Leto’s ataxia makes him more endearing, if anything. While we have had to visit the vet to treat a paw abrasion incurred while playing, and spent a little longer than expected figuring out how often he needs to potty, his problem has not hindered him or us in any way. He is starting agility work at home and starts obedience classes in June. He is just as smart as any other dog, and has just as much fun with life. He runs as fast as Wally and we have no worries about them playing rough with each other. The other dogs he meets don’t treat him any differently, and aside from a little grumble when he wipes out running around a tight corner on slippery flooring, he does not acknowledge his ‘difference’ either. His spirit is truly an inspiration.

With many thanks again for helping make our little family complete,

Heather, Scot, Wally and Leto