Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

Gina_Lucy_harnessesGina is doing great here in her new home. Molly (our other pug) was a wee bit stand off-ish at first, but Gina didn’t seem to mind and she shoved her way into all the excitement. They are all now best buddies for the most part and sleep side-by-side or with Gina’s head resting on Molly or Monica’s (our greyhound). The pugs seem to tease each other to start playtime – Molly nips Gina’s legs and Gina body checks into Molly and it begins. We have kind of nicknamed them Pug 1 and Pug 2 (ie Dr Seuss) and are having matching collars with their nicknames embroidered on them! We can’t begin to imagine our house without Gina after only a few weeks, and it seems like she was always meant to be part of our family, she fit in seamlessly. She’s family now!!!