Age: 7 years old
Adoption Status:

On a cold wet day in March, a very frightened, sad & smelly mom and her 2 pups arrived in our home to be fostered. My husband and I questioned our sanity, fostering a mom and her babies. Betsy gradually relaxed and allowed us to become part of this amazing journey. Before we knew it, the time had come for the puppies to be adopted and Betsy to find her forever home.

I guess we were the only ones who didn’t realize how much this wonderful, brave, girl had stolen our hearts. Betsy’s home was with us. She was going no where !

As a foster family we know there is a time to step back from your foster and let go. NOT this time. Betsy had found her “forever home” with us and we are grateful to be part of UMWPR and the amazing work they do for the pugs. Thank-You Genevieve for the opportunity to be part of the foster family team.

Diane & George