Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

JoziThird times a charm…
After two failed attempts at adopting a pug from UMWPR, I was suggested to take a look at Lucy.
I had quickly read Lucy’s bio but didn’t give her much thought after reading about the deformity in her front leg.
I went to meet Lucy and immediately fell for her, she was the cutest thing on four legs (even if one of them was deformed).
I was so excited when someone came and did the home visit & the reference check and said I could pick up Lucy the next day.
Lucy was renamed Jozi. Jozi is the best girl, hard to believe that she is a puppy mill survivor. She is so well mannered and behaved.
UMWPR does great work, thank you to all the volunteers who commit their time and energy to this great organization.
Jozi makes my heart smile! Valuable lesson learned…. never judge a book by it’s cover!