Adoption Status:

beansdayDecember 28, 2009 – Well here we go again, we have decided to adopt Malone (Beans ) actually it was not a very hard decision. We were doing another foster attempt and just could not let him go. He has started to get very comfortable with our other 6 dogs and 1 cat. People are wondering if we are trying to top Santa’s reindeer. He is a very active little guy and still runs around like a puppy which is good because we have alot of energy to burn at our house and every bit helps. He is getting walked everyday with the others but still loves his ball throwing the best. The first day home he played ball with or without us for almost 12 hours non stop. He was well taken care of by his foster parents and they helped make the transition into our home quite easy. Thanks again to Genevieve and all the others that make UNDER MY WING pug rescue what it is. To see all these happy faces everyday is undescribable. They say lucky number 7 for Len and I we say ” Who really rescued who??”

Tauny & Len