Adoption Status:

gnarly2Two weeks ago today our home received an early “Christmas gift”, a bundle of energy and happiness named Gnarly. Gnarly is such a delight, he has quickly become a full member of our “zoo”, the big dogs Annie and Molly have adopted him as their baby, they love wrestling,roaring around the yard with him and playing tug of war with toys. The cats are fair game when it’s time to tease and chase, Kip the parrot has already learned to say “good boy” and “Gnarly”. Quiet time and bed time is reserved for “big sister pug” Crunky. As you can imagine our days are spent laughing and enjoying this little guy and his interactions with his newly adopted family. Genevieve, we can’t thank you enough for your patience answering all our e-mails about Gnarly as we contemplated adopting him into our “zoo”, especially ensuring he was able to meet our little granddaughter ( who by the way considers him another pug playmate ). Our family has truly been enriched with the addition of Gnarly to our home and we want to say a big thanks to you and UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue for all your support during the adoption process, and choosing us as Gnarly’s forever family.

Diane, George & the zoo