Age: 3 years old
Adoption Fees: $400
Adoption Status:


December 6, 2016  – Luna is a joy to have around – she loves attention and she’ll definitely let you know if it’s lacking by either giving you the saddest puppy eyes, pawing a bit at you and sometimes maybe even barking – but that is usually if you’re having a little snack and she wants a bite. Luna loves to play with her toys, enjoys playing fetch and really likes belly rubs. Luna can sometimes play a bit rough and mistakes your hand for a chew toy but, with a bit of training, she’ll learn to ease up quite quickly. Now, pugs are known for snoring and sorting, and little Miss Luna does not disappoint, but that just make her all the cuter. She enjoys going for walks and you’ll definitely hear the snorting when she’s sniffing out the trees or greeting other dogs. She likes to say hello to all dogs, big or small, but doesn’t seem that interested in playing with them but that could change depending on the dog. Luna seems to prefer human company, especially laying her head on your lap and snuggling up close to you. Luna is crate trained but she seems to be fine left on her own for a few hours and is content to just sleep on her pillow with a stuffy at night. She does get a little anxious in the car so a crate may be best if you are traveling alone with her. Luna still needs to be spayed and should be available for adoption in the coming weeks. Keep checking back for more updates on the beautiful girl.

December 5, 2016 – Luna is doing very well.  She’s good with the resident male Chow Chow and she is getting spayed on December 12.  More info on Luna to be posted soon.

November 17, 2016
– Luna went to the vet yesterday and was vaccinated, microchipped and got some Canaural for a mild ear infection.  Her anal glands were also expressed.  Luna is still in heat so we have to wait before getting her spayed.  She’s doing well and is adapting to her new surroundings.  She loves to go for walks.

November 15, 2016 – Luna came in last night.  She’s a 3 year old female who hasn’t had an easy life so far.  Luna is not spayed and not up to date in he vaccination.  She will be going to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up and to schedule her spaying surgery.  Stay tuned for ore on this pretty girl as we get to know her more in the coming weeks.