Age: 7 years old
Adoption Fees: 300
Adoption Status:


February 28, 2017 – Sorry for the delay in this update.  Luigi’s second surgery didn’t work out and he is back to his foster family.  A 3rd surgery will be performed on March 13 and this time, our sweet boy will stay at Alta Vista Animal Hospital for the week under sedation so he was get the best chances for a successful outcome.  Luigi is a sweet boy and we are hoping that the next update will be full of positive news.

January 25, 2017 – Luigi continues to do well.  He is gaining a bit of weight, has a healthy pug appetite.
Get along with other dogs.  Does not like cats!  He seem to be afraid of them, so no cats in his future.
He’s a quirky little guy, always doing something funny.  Like walks, but not too long.  And hates the cold.  His favourite spot to lie is in front of the hot air vent in our kitchen, on a big thick furry blanket.  Right in the way, but we don’t have the heart to move him.  He will go see Dr Thatcher on the 30th, and will have second surgery that day if needed.  We are hoping for a miracle, that the hole closed on the right side…but very unlikely we were told.

December 28, 2016 – Luigi is doing exceptionally well, his demeanour is changing to be more engaged and playful.  This guy LOVES being the centre of attention.  When we have company he will position himself in between them and rest his head on their laps…until they give him the appropriate ohh and awes.
He has a pug like appetite and will eat very enthusiastically.  We still provide soft food, by soaking his kibbles in hot water for several hours so they will not hurt his mouth. He still has not had any pure water, we have been giving him a small amount of goats milk with water and he drinks this.  It is full of essential vitamins and minerals and helps with his calcium intake.  I do think he has become accustomed to this and that’s why he doesn’t drink plain water.
Perhaps drinking water hurt initially and that is why he is reluctant to drink it.
He sleeps in the big bed.  He is a good sleeper but does snore sometimes.  He likes to be kept warm and will wrangle under the covers if he gets cold.
We look forward to the surgical followup and hope all has healed completely.

December 13, 2016 – Luigi had a surgery performed by Dr. Thatcher (dentistry specialist) to repair 2 big holes he had on his palate up to his sinuses, he spent the night at AVAH and is now back to his foster family for a smooth recovery.

December 5, 2016 – Luigi is doing well while waiting to be seen by dental surgeon at AVAH on December 13 for his oral nasal fistula. We give him soft food and clean his mouth & gums after each meal.  We have kept his activities fairly limited, short walks & backyard.  He sometimes has a slight limp in the front shoulder after longer walks, but we feel it may be from an old injury and doesn’t slow him down. I think once this is all behind him, and he can exercise more and build up his endurance and muscle this slight limp will disappear.  Luigi loves car rides and will intently look out the window and watch the world go by. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him. He always gets pats and greetings from passerbys and wins the hearts of everyone that comes to our house.  Quite honestly, Luigi is very easy to have. He enjoys the resident pugs, although they are jealous of him because he is always the centre of attention because he is so cute. He sleeps well, and never has made any mess in the house.
All he needs is hugs and cuddles and a warm comfy cushion to sleep on when he is alone.  Luigi is amazing and we can’t wait until he sees the dentist and gets to move on with his amazing life!

November 22, 2016 – Luigi is available for adoption.  He is doing very well, has been brought to date in his vaccination and microchipped.  Luigi should go to a home with no cats.

November 17, 2016 – Luigi was at the vet on Tuesday and was neutered and had his teeth cleaned.  He lost 8 teeth and already had many missing……Luigi is back to his foster family for a smooth recovery.  Luigi is 20lbs.

November 15, 2016 – Luigi is a doll, he is the sweetest, calmest, cuddliest pug ever.  He walked in and made himself at home…it’s like he always been a member of the family.  He gets along well with dogs and, is up for pats and cuddles from anyone who stops by the house.  Luigi is completely housetrained, has perfect manners and is practically, the perfect pug.  He is all around a very lovely dog.  Luigi is getting neutered and having his teeth cleaned today.

louigi2November 13, 2016 – Luigi came in on Friday.  He is an owner surrender.  Luigi is a sweet boy and very well behaved.  He is not neutered yet.  Luigi will be going to the vet this Tuesday to get neutered and get his teeth cleaned.  Luigi is about 7 years old.  Stay tuned for more info on this beautiful by as we get to know him better.