Age: 7 years old
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

July 5, 2018 – Kitty is gone to her forever home last night, she will be living with a female pug.

June 28, 2018 – Kitty recovered well from her dental procedure at the vet. She takes her medication well with a small piece of food. She must have been in a bit of pain with her teeth because she is more lively now and does a lot more zoomies and runs about than she did before. She traveled to Barrie with us for a weekend and she did very well on the car ride in a soft crate. She slept most of the way and used her potty/walk breaks. She adapted to the new environment and could sleep anywhere in the house if she was tired enough (couch, kitchen floor, her own bed). Since she has poor vision she maps the house with her nose and has it figured out in a short amount of time. This also leaves her exhausted at the end of the day. She is very good with dogs and cats, big and small. Although she has been de-barked she is still communicative enough with the other animals. She is also good around young kids and doesn’t seem spooked by their erratic movements, she even positions herself at their feet during meal time since she knows that’s where the food will be. She of course, like most dogs doesn’t enjoy being chased or followed by kids who find her fascinating but, she never showed any signs of aggression towards them. She seems very content on her own but, we feel she may also enjoy the company and leadership of another dog due to her poor sight. When we are out of the house, she can be trusted to roam the apartment because she has not chewed, scratched, got into garbage/food/etc, or wrecked anything. When we leave the apartment we say “go to bed” and she used to go to her crate but, now she goes to the big bed and sometimes the couch. She is very clever! She is used to sleeping on the big bed at night and now becomes quite anxious if you put her in her crate at night or keep her in the kitchen if we are in bed. She’s mostly good in the bed and sleeps at your feet on her blanket. She often checks on us in the night with a cold nose which is very sweet. She is however becoming an early bird for self grooming, attention, a pee, and sometimes even a walk. We are hoping this is just a phase because 4AM is too early and although we try to put her in her crate after she goes out for a pee, as mentioned when you remove her from the bedroom she is not happy. Everyone she has met so far finds her to be such a love bug and a sweetie. We agree. She does not demand your attention but, if you offer affection she is very receiving and loving. She likes to be in the same room as you but, won’t crowd you. She continues to be no trouble and great company to have around. Come and meet Kitty this Saturday, July 30, at Pet Valu on Hazeldean Road in Kanata from 11AM to 3PM.

June 25, 2018 – Kitty had her teeth cleaned and she lost 9.  This sweet girl is 18.8lbs and she is a joy to have around.  We are now accepting adoption applications for this sweet girl.

June 19, 2018 – Kitty has been a very easy pug to have around. After a vet visit to have her eye and teeth examined, the vet is fairly certain that she has almost no vision in her remaining eye. She was quick to adapt to our apartment and even visiting a friends home. She can even jump on and off the couch and bed. She is cautious the first time on unfamiliar stairs but, once you go ahead of her she has no problems the following times. She can bump into chair legs, your feet, etc but once she gets used a place she can navigate around very well. On walks she likes to follow close to your heels and walks well on a lead. We have to be her eyes for things like sign posts, telephone poles and garbage bins. She is getting 2-3 short walks a day. She gets very excited to go for her walks though and likes to sniff everything.  She is house trained. Her routine right now is to be let out for a pee a few times a day- especially first in the morning and just before bed. Her poops are about 20 minutes after eating.  She is used to sleeping on our bed at night but, she is also crate trained and can sleep through the night. She is awake by 7AM or can lazily lounge in bed at your feet or right beside you if she’s cold. She cannot bark and we were told she has a very small trachea; the vet thinks she has also been de-barked. If she is sleeping in her crate, we are always concerned that she cannot communicate with us so we are extra attentive to her noises just in case. When we leave her alone in the house, we keep her gated in the kitchen with her bed and water. She seems to be just fine on her own for a typical work day.  She travels in the car in a soft crate in the back seat. She doesn’t settle well in the car and pants a lot. She also seems sensitive to the heat and has been sick on one of the hot days this week- even after being in air conditioning. She has a healthy appetite and has 1/2 cup of kibble with herring oil twice a day. She enjoys kibble for treats, pieces of sweet potato & broccoli. She knows how to sit for treats and we ask her to sit before she gets her meals. She has good recall when she is in a backyard with another dog. She spent the weekend with us and with a larger dog and she got on with the dog just fine. She would almost follow it around as her eyes. We have given her many nicknames Kit, Kit Kat, Kitty Kat, and Squints. She loves a bath and loves to be brushed. She has some interest in her toys and occasionally engages in play. She loves to be around you but, doesn’t bother you. If you are on the couch, she wants to be on the couch too but, not on you. Same for working at home on a laptop, she likes to lie on the floor or her bed or under your chair. She has warmed up to us more in the last week and easily surrenders to allow us to stroke her belly. She has been no trouble and is very affectionate without being demanding.  Kitty is getting her teeth cleaned next week.  She will then be available for adoption.

June 10, 2018 – Kitty went to the vet and was brought up to date in her vaccination.  She was already microchipped.  Kitty will need her teeth cleaned and her left eye checked to make sure everything is OK on that side.  Kitty is going to the vet this Wednesday to get more tests done on her eye.

June 8, 2018 – Kitty is going to the vet today for a complete check up and to be brought up to date in her vaccination and microchipped.  Kitty is adapting very well to her new environment, she sleeps in her crate with no fuss.  She has had no accident in the house so far. Kitty is a very quick learner and is already used to her harness and will put her head straight in. She has a good appetite. She knows the word bed and she goes straight to her bed in the crate. She doesn’t seem anxious when we are out. So far just for a short time. She walks well on her lead, explores and sniffs a lot. She can easily jump on and off the couch and had a good nap on the couch last night while we watched tv. Kitty does breathe heavier when she is excited or nervous but, she doesn’t snore and she hasn’t barked once. She has a few soft toys she likes to have and she seems very playful. She is a very good girl and loves to have her belly rubbed when she gets used to you.

June 5, 2018 – Please welcome Kitty.  This nice girl was surrendered by her owner.  Kitty 7 years old, she is spayed and has only one eye.  Her right got injured and couldn’t be saved so it had to be removed.  Kitty is about 19lbs.  She will be going to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up, to be brought up to date in her vaccination and to be microchipped.  Kitty gets along very well with other dogs.