Age: 9 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

FrankieFloorFrankie, who we now call Franklin came to us as a quiet, shy, chubby and under exercised dog, who would disappear in a room because he didn’t ask for anything or tell you he is there. He didn’t want to play, and didn’t seem to understand what toys were all about. Now, he is quite the opposite. He is running farther and longer every chance he gets. His energy is so much more than it was at first. He listens very well, and has really come into his own. Franklin absolutely loves to play with our boxer, and I have even caught him chasing the cats! He really has gained so much confidence and energy, it is so wonderful to watch. Franklin is such a wonderful addition to our family, we feel so lucky to have found him. He fits in like he has been here all along. Franklin is adored by everyone who meets him, his personality just melts their hearts. He is happy, healthy and full of energy; I think he is gaining it by the day!! When we first got him, he didn’t bark at all; now, he barks at every noise he thinks he hears. We find it funny and endearing that such a quiet, shy gentleman has become this bold, outgoing ‘pup’. This tells us that Franklin is comfortable and happy with us. He might be an older boy by the numbers, but he certainly doesn’t act his age. We cherish every day with have with him, and are so thankful and happy that he is part of our family. We are so happy that we found UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue, and are lucky enough to be fostering pugs still. Thank you for rescuing Franklin and bringing him into our lives.

Sarah, Jeff, Tucker & Franklin