Age: 7 months old
Adoption Status:

WafflesWe were not aware of what was missing in our family until Waffles became a part of it. Perhaps if you’re reading this, this is your first time considering adoption or you’ve been there, done that and want a good story. I’m hoping to cater to both audiences. We are a young couple that came to own our first pug as a puppy in September of 2010. Her name is Sookie. The decision to bring a second pug into our lives was long and sometimes a hard one. How to know how much life will change with a second dog? After speaking to people with multiple dogs, the pros only outweighed any potential cons. There was the option of just getting another puppy. Having been to Under My Wing – Pug Rescue events in the past and knowing pugs of any age and background are just as great as any puppy we started considering adoption more seriously. Once browsing the available for adoption profiles on the website, we knew there was no other choice- we were going to adopt a pug. Having never done it before we were nervous about the application process, were we good enough? If we were good enough, would Sookie like a new brother or sister? We applied in March 2011, and we were blessed when we found out we were good candidates for adoption. The pug we originally applied for was a black female, but luckily enough had found her forever home in her foster family. UMWPR was excellent when this happened. They kept in frequent contact and offered us an alternative, a 7 month, fawn male named Chopin. He was going to be a ‘new arrival’ to the rescue and they thought he would fit well with our family. I would like them to know, they may have never been more right. Formerly Chopin, now Waffles, is the perfect fit to our family. He was nervous at first, probably wondering what all the change in scenery was about. But he quickly warmed up to all of us. Part of his daily routine is the morning face wash in which he licks our entire face until we manage to wake up. He loves cuddling, if not with Sookie then always with one of us. He likes to cry when the whole world is not focusing on him sometimes, such as while I write this *pause for Waffles petting* He is not as competitive as Sookie when it comes to toys, fetching, etc but will always run after his sister no matter where she goes. They play together, sleep together, clean each other’s ears out. At the dog park he will follow around the big dogs playing and if they start to play too rough, he likes to bark at them to break it up. Despite his size, he has a HUGE heart of gold. He has made our family concrete and sometimes making us wonder, how did we ever get by without him?

Brianna & Lazlo