Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

Quincy and Ella sharing one bed April 24 2012Our own pug, Quincy, (on the left in the photo) sees very little now due to cataract problems that started 4 years ago when he was just 6 years old. We thought he might enjoy the company of another dog and so would we. We began to search the website and soon found a cute black pug and sent in our application. Too late – she was already adopted, however Diane, from Under My Wing, called an hour later to say that an older, fawn and black pug had just become available and she thought it would be a good match for Quincy. We met for a home visit and it was clear that Ella was the one for us. She is so affectionate and we see a definite spring in Quincy’s step! She licks his face and likes to share a dog bed with him sometimes too as you can see in the photo. Ella comes to our office everyday and all the staff love her. She snuggles up next to us on the sofa and wags her tail every time she catches our eye. We have only had her a few short weeks, but it feels like always to us and we can tell by how happy she is that Ella has found her forever home with us.