Age: 9
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

December 3, 2019 – Abby has been adopted by her foster parents.  She lives with a senior pug named Vitto.

December 1, 2019 – Abby was a trooper and made it through her dental surgery without a hitch (but you already know that!). As a result of her losing her front bottom teeth, her tongue now permanently sticks out a little, which only makes her more adorable.  She is still a little groggy (the pain meds certainly contributing to that). She is coughing a lot, which we will continue to monitor. There was a little blood and discharge this morning but nothing concerning. She is eating and drinking normally.

She is resting up today catching all the weekend ZzzZzz’s she can. Abby sends a big thank you to the staff at Liston Animal Hospital who took such good care of her yesterday, they made her feel comfortable and treated her like a Queen!

November 21, 2019 – Abby continues to settle in. She needs to be wherever we are! Her favorite thing to do is to sleep on the pillow in the big bed above foster mom’s head. She’ll snuggle down until morning when she begins to lick the foster humans to wake up.  Last weekend, she had a girls night and helped put up the Christmas tree. She was dazzled by the lights and uses the tree skirt as a pillow!  Abby is getting her teeth cleaned on November 29.

November 9, 2019 – Abby is becoming comfortable in our home. She is settling into a routine and we are now at 5 days without any accidents! She loves attention and will wag her tail at anyone who glances her way. Last night there was a fire alarm at our building and she was in heaven getting loves from all of the firefighters who came to say hello while we waited downstairs. Abby is thrilled to get to sleep on the big bed and likes to wake you up by climbing on your chest and giving you kisses on your face. If you’re not quite ready to wake up yet, she will happily curl up on your chest and go back to sleep. She really just wants to be wherever you are. She still doesn’t like us humans touching her ears, eyes, or snout, but we are building trust every day. It seems as if her hearing is improving (marginally)–she sometimes hears high pitched noises and will start to bark. She still doesn’t respond to her name or any commands, though.  Abby is a wonderful and happy houseguest! 

October 30, 2019 – Abby is a happy girl who loves attention. She is content to trot behind you as you do household chores as long as you take a minute or two to snuggle her every now and then. She gets the zoomies when she sees her leash and harness and will run around in circles while waiting for the elevator. She enjoys a nice long walk and will go with you for however long you wish. Her hind legs are very stiff in the mornings when she wakes up and it takes her a couple of minutes to adjust and get moving, but once she gets going she doesn’t stop! To relax, she likes to lie on a couch pillow. She is not shy to let you know she wants up, and will stand on her hind legs to say “give me a lift!”. She still isn’t responsive to noise despite the ear medication, so it is likely that she is deaf or have very selective hearing. We attended the vet last night to get her final dose of ear medication and provided a urine sample. Since Sunday, there has only been one accident inside: at a time where she had just been taken out but I was not giving her all of the attention. We think her indoor accidents are behavioral and are now very cautious to take her outside before a time when all eyes might not be on her (like when we are eating dinner or while I take a bath).
When it comes to food, she is curious but not food motivated. She is a grazer and won’t always go to her food right away, and sometimes leaves it to come back to it a short while later.

October 22, 2019 – Abby came in last Friday after her owner sadly passed away.  This sweet girl is a bundle of energy who follows us wherever we go. She particularly enjoys being up on the couch and will hop up on her hind legs to let us know she is looking for a lift!  Abby is a mouth breather and has quite the pug snorts.  She has yet to respond to any sound (even her name), and seems to have some sensitivity with her ears. Her face and paws seem almost constantly itchy and she’s gnawing on her paws and rubbing her face up against any corner, wall, or blanket she can find.  Abby curled up on the big bed with us last night and slept the whole night through. She LOVES walks and gets very excited when she sees her leash. She is very good on her leash and it is hilarious to watch her ears bounce as she trots.
She is a special little girl.  Abby is going to the vet tonite for a complete check up.