Age: 1 year old
Adoption Status:

DusenSilus (formerly known as Dusen) has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are extremely grateful to UMWPR and Silus’ amazing foster parents who took great care of him, and gave him love and attention when he needed it most! Silus fits right in with us and it didn’t take him long to make himself comfortable in his new and forever home. He is an energetic little fella who loves to play with his two pug brothers, go for walks, and run around his almost ¾ of an acre fenced in yard. As active as he is and as much as he loves to play, his favourite thing in the world to do is cuddle! He is the sweetest little fella who absolutely adores human contact and just loves being loved and we are happy to provide him with all the love he could ever want!Silus is now living the life every pug deserves to have and it’s thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the wonderful people at Under My Wing Pug Rescue!