Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

BessBess has been with us now for several weeks and has been a terrific addition to our home. She is such a happy dog and comes running to greet us when we first come in the door. She has this fantastic ‘bark’ which actually reminds my husband of the sound that that cartoon character Scooby Doo makes – the sound is not loud or annoying but actually makes you smile. She loves to go for walks out back or just sleep on the couch beside us. She never has accidents in the house although it is important to take her outside just before bedtime or she will wake you up very early in the morning as her bladder is only good for about 8 hours. She is starting to play with our standard poodle a bit more but just ignores our barn cats. We adore her and we are so glad that you helped us to find her.

Deb & Mike