Age: 4 1/2 months old
Adoption Status:

BennyBedFirst off I would like to thank all involved with UMWPR for doing amazing things for these Pugs and Puggles. AH Benny, he’s been with us for about a month now and he’s just the greatest little brother to Kaiah and a perfect addition. Benny loves the outside, very active and who knew Puggles climb trees. Walks are high on his priority list, he eats very well, sets speed records while doing it, loves his chew toys and wind sprints in the back yard with Kaiah. Benny is also the cuddle master and the king snorer in this household and its just the cutest thing. Big Ben has been nothing but a gentleman to everyone who has met him and we look forward to meeting many more of you while out on our walks. Thank you for all you do.

Derek, Kaiah, Ozzwald & Benny