Age: 9
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

February 23, 2019 – Zowie is gone to her forever home in Hamilton, ON today.

February 10, 2019 – Zowie’s check up following her soft palate surgery went very well. She recovered very quickly from the surgery and within days she was better than ever. We have been for several long walks on the few days that the weather permitted and she was full of energy. This sweet angel was always a fast walker but now she wants to run and her breathing is undetectable, no wheezing sounds or panting. Outdoors, she seems to have an abundance of energy and shows no sign of tiring. Yesterday, we were outside for close to an hour. Inside, she is a pretty quiet little girl and will occasionally play with her foster brothers, but is quite happy entertaining herself, chewing a Nylabone or playing with a stuffy. She doesn’t mind if you throw the toy for her a few times but mostly, she just wants you to watch her play by herself. She is very entertaining as she whines and cries as she chews, sucks or shakes her toy. Zowie has made a break through. She will now play with a variety of stuffed toys not just the ones that are as big as she is. She now helps herself to the toys out of the toy box. Zowie is a sweet little pug who is not overly affectionate with people she doesn’t know but, will bond very well with her forever family. The first thing she does every morning is check the house to see who is home before going out and then having her breakfast.

January 28, 2019 – Zowie had her soft palate shorten last Friday and she is recovering VERY well.  She was ready for dinner the same night….Zowie is going back to the vet in 2 weeks for a recheck and she will then become available for adoption. Meet Zowie this coming Sunday at the Winter Paw Thaw at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre from 12h00 to 3:30PM.

January 15, 2019 – Zowie continues to be a delight to foster.  Her confidence is growing and I no longer need to coax her to cuddle with us on the sofa.  She is still an independent little pug but when she wants to cuddle she has no hesitation about climbing over her foster brothers to get on my lap. She frequently uses one of her foster brothers as a head rest and doesn’t mind when they in turn use her as a pillow.  Zowie loves to have her ears or her chest scratched .   This little darling also loves adventures, whether it is a walk, a car ride or a little shopping.  She is great in the car only barking when we reach our destination.  She has no separation anxiety when left alone in the house and has full run of the home.  She is glad to see us when we return especially when it is close to dinner time and barks a little at the door.  She may be taking her queues from her foster brothers but I’m certain she would adapt quickly to a working family as long as she gets a couple of good walks a day and some stimulating play time when her family is home.  Zowie may take a little time to warm up to her new family, but there is nothing more heartwarming than when this sweet little girl climbs confidently onto your lap.  Zowie is getting her soft palate surgery on January 25.

January 2, 2019 – Zowie continues to do well.  She recovered very quickly from her dental and was soon back to eating dry kibble, playing with her stuffies and chewing her Nyla bones.  Zowie is a very attentive listener and enjoys being talked to.  Her favourite phrases are “Are you hungry” and “Do you want to go for a walk”.  When she hears those words her head will snap around even if she is sound asleep at the time and she will stare, unmoving at you with her incredibly expressive eyes until you follow through. Zowie loves to go for walks and doesn’t seem to mind the cold as long as she has her boots on.  She tries to hide when she sees the boots come out but once she puts them on she if fine with them. Zowie has really come to love walking.  When she first arrived our walks were more sniffing and peeing but she has become quite the power walker and usually leads her foster brothers.  Zowie is extremely food motivated and will only perform her tricks if she believes you have a treat in your pocket.  This sweet girl had a really good Christmas and although a little unsure enjoyed unwrapping the gifts Santa left for her.  Zowie is a sweet girl but timid.  She is nervous of the vacuum cleaner, loud noises or any unexpected movements.

December 15, 2018 – Zowie had her teeth cleaned yesterday and she had 14 removed and was already missing 10.  She now has 18 teeth left in her mouth.  While performing the surgery, the vet confirmed what we already knew; Zowie will need to have her soft palate shorten as it’s very long and makes her get tired easily not to mention that she can be very loud when she breathes.  This surgery will be performed in about 6 weeks.  In the meantime, she is back to her foster home and was happy to see the resident pugs again.

December 11, 2018 – Zowie is settling in nicely. She has started to play with toys although, no matter how hard I try to entice her with the assortment of smallers stuffies we have, this unique little girl will only play with stuffed animals that are as large as she is. She also enjoys an occasional chew on a Nyla bone. Zowie has also engaged in a few games of chase with the resident pugs. Zowie however, is a little timid and uncertain when one of her foster brothers climb into a dog bed with her. With a little encouragement, she is getting braver about climbing around the boys to get onto my lap. Zowie is very good at putting on a coat and boots to go outside and so far, the cooler temperatures haven’t been a problem with her. Some days, she walks very well but other days, she is much more interested in just sniffing and peeing. Zowie does however bark and lunge at large dogs on our walks or any dog if she is being held. So far she has responded well to correction. Zowie went to see Santa on the weekend and was a very good girl in the store and didn’t react to the many dogs waiting to see Santa.
Zowie for the most part is an extremely well-behaved girl. She listens well and knows many commands. She has adapted to her new routine well although, I believe she would like an earlier bedtime. Most nights around 10:30, even if she is sleeping on my lap, she will get up and go into her crate. The other night, the door was shut and she sat and waited until I opened the door so she could go in.  Zowie is getting her teeth cleaned on December 14 and the vet will then assessed if she will need to have her soft palate shorten as her breathing is quite noisy.

December 3, 2018 – Zowie is a sweet girl and she is quite shy unless she thinks there is food involved; like most pugs she is food obsessed.  So far, she has pretty much preferred to be left alone but if we pet her chest, she lifts her front leg so she can receive a sitting belly rub.  Zowie is crate trained and, when we put her dog bed in the crate, she went in on her own and stayed for about 10 minutes and spent the night in the crate without a peep.  Zowie, we have discovered is quite talented.  If she thinks there is the possibility of a treat, she will stand up and walk on her hind legs.  She also knows sit, shake a paw, down, leave it and take it.  When told to stay out of the kitchen last night while we had dinner, she sat patiently in the doorway and needed no correction unlike one of her foster brothers. We have taken her for a couple of short walks and noticed she breathes very noisily.  She was better this morning, less stressed I guess, but still quite loud.  Zowie has a few lbs to lose to reach her healthy weight.

December 1, 2018 – Zowie was surrendered because of allergies in the family.  She is 9 years old and she is spayed.