Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

ZoeRIPZoey came into our lives as a foster prior to a Halloween episode for the rescue on tv. when she came, her blindness was a huge issue as was her mobility. There were times when we wondered if she was even strong enough to even co exist in any family. she has such a sweet demeanor and was crowd favorite at the Pugstock. After a few home visits and the disappointment of not finding her a forever home, many tears later, we decided that we could not subject her to changing her familiar settings and became a foster fail. As time progressed Zoey was able to finally manage the stairs, co exist with two other pugs and explore both our home and yard with virtually no running into things. This was a huge step in her progression. Today Zoey is strong and healthy with enough excitement to make up for what she doesnt have in stature. She gives her usual screeching welcome every time we come home, can say “I love you!” , is a consistent allarm clock at 5:45 Exactly that it is time to be fed. And she makes it known to the other pugs that she is in fact the boss. Lately we call her Zoey Hudini, as she has found out that she can squeeze her little self through the backyard gate. She doesnt go anywhere once she escapes but she is so proud of her latest accomplishment. We have had to make changes to rectify this. Today she was hilarious to watch. She couldnt see the snow but she could feel it for sure. she did the pug run for a few laps arround the yard having a great time, once she realized what snow was all about.

These two little angels have brought much love to our house. They are the best of friends and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to share their lives.

Dan & Margaret