Winston (formerly Stevie)

Adoption Status:

winston__woodyWinston reporting in after six months of being in my new forever home:”I am having a wonderful time with my new parents, and have them wound completely around my curly tail to do my bidding. They believed they were getting a sedate old man as a companion for their pug Woody, but did I fool them! I have given Woody a new lease on life and although we don’t exactly play together, we do snuggle a lot and thoroughly enjoy our walks together over the park. I have been a good boy with my diet and am now a svelt 20.4 lbs. ‘Uncle Jim’, my vet is a gem, and he dotes on me also. He has just switched me to a new diet to try and finally clear up my troublesome mucky ears, but they are 80% improved and I can hear a lot better now, but I do enjoy all the attention I get from everyone at the animal clinic! There are a lot of grandchildren in my new family and they just love me to bits……one just has to put up with all this cuddling! I have my own basket full of stuffed toys. I just love being here and my favourite pastime is following my Mum around the house, and ‘helping’ her with the laundry. A big “Merci” to all of you at UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue for finding me such a great home….you are the best!”