Age: 9 1/2 months
Adoption Fees: $575
Adoption Status:

November 28, 2017 – Turbo has healed really nicely from being neutered. He is got his hind dew claw sutures removed and he is really excited about getting his cone removed. Turbo has never lifted a leg once and has never pooped in the house. He enjoys being praises for doing his business outside. He is very much a people pleaser. Turbo is a little insecure on walks. He is scared of your feet sometimes but he also heels pretty well with some correction. He is very smart. He loves going for walks and would probably really benefit from an active family. I am sure he would love to go for runs. Turbo is very polite when it comes to dinner time. He knows his food hits the floor last in our pack and he waits so patiently. He eats pretty quickly. He showed some interest in one of our resident pug’ s bowl and she let him know thats not allowed and he had never bothered again. He is also very gentle when given a treat it’s very sweet. He knows he must sit in his bed during our meal time. Turbo loves hard bones to chew on and chases balls. He loves stuffed animals too but he mostly just rips then apart. He also has chewed a blanket so that kind of stuff has to be kept away. He gets the zoomies just like the resident pugs.  Turbo will bark at loud noises but will stop when told. He doesn’t seem to mind the vacuum. He is pretty social with our dogs. I’m not sure if it’s just because he has been wearing a cone or not but he often shakes (like a dog does when he’s wet) and when he does his tail is like a whip. For that reason he would have to be watched when near small children. Turbo is one of the sweetest boys we have met. He loves attention and thrives with it. He follows you everywhere just like the resident pugs do. He always has to be touching you when laying on couch or floor. He is very sensitive.