Age: 8 years old
Adoption Status:

HollyRedLife around my new home is really nice. It’s not as big of a place as when I lived with my foster parents but it comes with two big baskets of toys and a drawer full of collars and sweaters and lots of pillows for me to curl up on. But guess what else my new home comes with? A pug sister named Lily – she looks just like me except she is younger and sillier. She runs around in circles for no reason and barks at clouds and carries plush toys around in her mouth. I usually just lie on the sofa and watch her acting silly but sometimes I join her for playtime and many times she joins me for nap time. My new forever Mom is home all day long so my sister and I are rarely alone. We sometimes go and check on her in her home office, just to make sure she is still there and it’s really good because she always is.

Someone must of told Santa that I would be in my new home for Christmas because he left stuff for both me and my sister. He brought us toys and a new red sweater for me and a chew bone but best of all he even brought us Peanut Butter Zuke treats just like I had at my foster home. I love my new dad so much. Almost every day he takes Lily and I to the leash free dog park. He also lifts me on the sofa every evening to snuggle against him and at night he and I share the big bed with my new Mom and with Lily. Mom even thanks the three of us for letting her have a bit of space.

Well, I must say goodbye but I will always remember how much love and care my foster family and everyone at UMWPR gave me. I was so happy in Ottawa and loved everyone but I also love my new family and I am so happy that you picked them for me to live with.

Michelle and Ray