Age: 3 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

TobyBlackFebruary 7, 2015 – Toby is going to his forever on February 22 once his adoptive family is back from their honeymoon…he will share his life with a pug sister.

January 28, 2015 – Toby is doing very well and he is the best puppy. He adores to cuddle and to always be at your feet. Toby loves playing with the resident dog and he enjoys the company of kids always curious to be around them. Toby is a big chewer and loves all toys with a preference to balls and squeeky stuffed animals. If you are interested in adopting Toby, please contact us HERE.

January 17, 2015 – Toby is doing very well and he’s a rel cuddler. He LOVES playing and running with the resident dog and adores kids. This beautiful boy is ready to find his forever home.

cleanerJanuary 10, 2015 – Toby is doing fabulous. He has longer periods without the cone now but the odd time will start rubbing so the cone goes back on immediately. He is constantly playing with toys or Poncho – the resident Boston Terrier or the girls. He has torn the squeaker out of his Christmas duck. We threw that part in the garbage and all the stuffing so now he just drags around the outside. In the last week he’s had a couple accidents in the house but I think it’s because of the cold. He still likes the outside but changes his mind when it’s windy and icy out. ‎Anyone thinking of adopting him MUST be ok with snuggling. He needs and loves and thrives on constant contact. When I cook he sits at my feet and moves when I move. When I’m at the computer, he either wants to lays across my lap or sit at my feet. When we play board games or cards, he either digs at your lap to get up. We of course find it endearing and amusing and love the cuddles.

December 28, 2014 – Toby was at the vet yesterday. His ulcer in his is getting better but the vet mentioned that it was a very ddep ulcer left untreaten which is why it takes a bit more time to heal.
His medication has been changved and Toby is now on Prednisone and Tobramicin for a few weeks then we will have him rechecked.

Toby is a cuddle bug and will not hesitate to jump on someone’s lap to get attention – he is very good with kids and other dogs. He has received a large squeeky duck for Christmas and it has become his favorite toy. As soon as his eye is healed, he will be available for adoption.

TobyDec29December 24, 2014 – Toby was at the vet on December 20 and the ulcer inb his right eye is still there. He will continue on the Ciloxan 4 times a day and is going for a recheck on Saturday December 27.

December 15, 2014 – Toby was at the vet on Saturday and his ulcer is still not healed completely. He has to continue the Ciloxan 4 times a day and go back for a recheck this Saturday.

December 9, 2014 – Toby is doing very well. He is going back to the vet this week to have his right eye rechecked. He has been a very good boy and wore his cone all day since he had his eye surgery. This amazing boy will make the greatest companion. Toby will soon be available for adoption.

December 3, 2014 – Toby has come a long way and with a whole new perspective on life. Toby is adoring all the attention and love that he is receiving in his foster home. It appears that unlike many pugs, Toby LOVES the snow! His foster family even has a hard time getting him to come back in after his outdoor visits, he is content to roam around and play in the snow. Toby is recovering extremely well from his surgery and the site looks great, almost all swelling is gone. Toby is suited to almost any type of family for his forever home, as he does well with other dogs, with children; he really is an all around loving and wonderful pug that will fit right into any home that is ready to cuddle him to pieces. Toby is getting his sutures removed on December 6, he will also get microchipped and will then become available for adoption.

November 27, 2014 – It has been a little over a week since Toby’s introduction to his new life and although down an eye, he is loving every minute of it! Quite the handsome pug, Toby has fully adjusted after having an eye removed and does not appear to notice a difference. This is one special guy who is capturing hearts of those he meets. Toby will need a little more time to heal before he is ready for adoption, however, he came to us neutered, is all up to date in his vaccinations and he will soon get microchipped; Keep an eye on this little lover.

November 20 2014 – Toby had his left eye removed today. The surgery went very well and he’s smoothly recovering at the clinic until tomorrow. He will have to wear a cone for the next 2 weeks until his suture are removed and until his right eye is completely healed. Toby is 23lbs.

November 17, 2914 – Toby went to the vet today and was given medication for his eyes and a pain killer. The vet thinks the left eye won’t be able to be saved and will have to come out.

November 16, 2014 – Toby is an owner surrender. He came to us with eye problems. His left eye is in bad shape and the right one has a big ulcer. Toby is a sweet boy and will be visiting the vet to get assessed tomorrow. Toby is neutered and he’s good with other dogs.