Age: 2 years old
Adoption Status:

timboWhen we started looking on the Ontario pug rescue sites for a buddy for our active 2 year old female pug Piper, I don’t think we had any hopes that we would find one who would fit in so easily, or be so affectionate and gentle. However, when UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue suggested that Timbo, a 2 year old male, might be a good match for her, we didn’t hesitate. I made arrangements to take a trip to Ottawa on a long weekend, so that I would have a few days off to settle him in before returning to work. My mom was kind enough to come along for the drive. Piper came too, and was pretty excited to be staying in a hotel….she especially loved going up and down the elevators and meeting lots of new people. We had only one picture to go by, and we figured Timbo would be a bigger version of Piper, who has short legs, and a typical pug body. We went to the foster home to meet him Friday night, and were surprised to be met by a tall, long, beautiful teddy bear of a dog! He was very excited, and made the cutest “woo woo woo” noises that cracked us all up! They tore around the yard getting to know each other, and it was pretty apparent that Timbo was going to give Piper a run for her money in the energy department! We came back to pick him up Saturday morning for the long drive home. He was happy enough to come with us, and very well behaved in his doggy seat belt in the car, as long as someone was sitting beside him, petting him. We stopped for a couple of hours in Toronto, then continued on to London, our final destination. Both dogs slept most of the way, and that night, Timbo slept in his new dog bed, while Piper slept on the big bed with me, as usual. In the days since, Piper and Ringo (aka Timbo) have become good friends. Piper was a little intimidated by the size difference at first, but not anymore. They wrestle, they play tug of war with toys, and they give kisses to each other. He has taken to every member of the family; my sons, their friends, and whoever else stops in to visit. He will sit and wait for an invitation to jump up on the couch, but once you say “come on Ringo” he is up and cuddling. He has been sleeping on the big bed since day 3, and he snores like a freight train. LOL. He is a joy to have around. He hasn’t missed a meal yet. He seems very happy in his new surroundings. He especially loves to go for walks. I am amazed at how well mannered and affectionate he is. I couldn’t have wished for a better match. Thank you Under My Wing !