Age: 1 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

Tico_tiltSo, here we are! Almost 4 months to the day that we have had Tico in our lives. We are in love, despite the hurdles he, and we, have endured. We loved him from day one, as did our children; and in typical children’s fashion, they love and forgive unconditionally. I can honestly say that it has only been in the past 2 weeks that Tico has truly adopted all of us…what started out as a very anxious, high-strung, and uber-energetic pug has turned into a calm, yet purposefully energetic, loving little guy who is establishing his place in our home. In Tico’s short life prior to us, he had several homes and developed some bad habits out of necessity. I think that he knows that we’re the real deal now – his forever home. We think that he is only learning English commands now, but the day he ‘got it’ was a turning point! Tico is really a special little guy. He has really attached himself to ‘mommy’ and I have nicknamed him the Calf Bumper because he is constantly chest bumping my lower legs as I walk around – too funny! He is enjoying our cottage life immensely and even joined us on a big road trip to the beach this summer! The attached pictures say 1000 words. He learned to swim in our cottage bay and ends up having completely ‘crazy’ moments of happiness and excitement after these dips in the water – spins, tail chases and endless free running abound. We are so happy with our decision to adopt Tico. We knew it would not be perfect , but we were prepared to make the commitment and did it ever pay off! Our children wake up each morning with a ‘where is our Pug Hug?’ and they walk in after school with the same question! Bedtime rituals now include a third ‘child’ – lol! Tico is definitely in his ‘forever home’. xo

The Scheepers