Adoption Status:

teegah01March 26, 2013 – Teegah is going to his forever home tomorrow, he will be sharing his life with a pug sister.

March 19, 2013 – Teegah is extremely sad that no one has taken a shining to his beautiful and handsome face, but we tell him that they just don’t know how special he is. Teegah is the perfect companion for a walk in any type of weather – he loves being outside and can barely contain his excitement every time. We know that this little man eagerly awaits the spring and summer seasons, when he can roam outside in the sunshine. Teegah’s instruction sessions are going well and he has learned his basic commands. Teegah will make an appearance at 1-3pm during our upcoming adoption day this Saturday, March 23 at Pet Valu at Merivale/Baseline. Perhaps once people meet him in person, that special someone will provide Teegah with his much needed forever home. If you are interested in meeting Teegah, please join us on Saturday or submit your application online.

March 8, 2013 – Teegah is such a quiet and polite pug always up for a good scratch from his humans. Teegah came to us with zero training and he has come along way, currently mastering the ‘sit’ command. Teegah is very curious about dogs walking by the yard but is polite enough to not bark, just whining his hello to the passersby. Teegah is best suited for a forever home with another dog as he thoroughly enjoys curling up with four legged mates and is not fond of being alone. Teegah will play, his favorite toy being the laser pointer! He could chase that thing for hours on end!

February 26, 2013 – Teegah has really been coming out of his shell and loves to play with the resident pug. Teegah will be most comfortable in a forever home with another dog, as he enjoys constant animal companionship. Teegah does very well on a leash and unlike most pugs, is actually quite excited for walk time in this weather; squirming the whole time we are trying to get his harness on. Once at home, Teegah loves to be petted and scratched and will make all kinds of cute noises while you spoil him by doing so.

February 18, 2013 – Teegah is doing great and has been introduced to his new foster pug brother. The two pugs are adapting to each other and learning each other’s personalities, even attempting to start play. Teegah does not seem too interested in his dog bed, instead cuddling his way into his foster parents’ big bed at night. In non-puglike fashion, Teegah is a slow and calm eater, which is nice to see. Teegah is a handsome
little guy who will do well in any type of home and like any other pug, wants only love in return.

February 15, 2013 – Teegah has been with us for almost 2 weeks now and he is still the kind and gentle dog as when we first picked him up. When we first got him, he was trying to mark everywhere and thus the reason for the belly band but since his neutering surgery, we have noticed a huge difference of him not wanting or attempting to ‘mark the spot’ so much that we often leave the belly band off. He is still super quiet and never barks (unless alone) and follows me around like a shadow so much that today while on the treadmill, he hopped on right behind me….twice!!! Teegah will be going to another foster home tomorrow to see if he can come out of his shell a little more with the presence of another pug. One last thing that makes me smile every time is when my girls come home from school or leave for school in the morning, Teegah is so excited and he tries to get into their schoolbag. He also loves to play with clothes that have been left on the floor. Not to destroy them but to goof around and also to snooze on once his sillies are gone. If you are looking for cuddles and companionship, then look no further, Teegah will surely bring you lots of love.

February 11, 2013 – Teegah is a lovable dog who gets along well with people of all ages including young children. When he is in the company of his foster family, Teegah is very relaxed and calm and just wants to hang out. He does’t bark when visitors come to the door or when doorbell rings. The only time you’ll hear Teegah make any kind of a fuss is when you leave him alone where he is bark and whine. For this reason, Teegah would probably do best with a family who is home most of the day. He has been living with a cat for over 1 week now and still there are no issues. We have met up with a few dogs on our walks and he has been fine with all of them but didn’t really engage into any playing. Sadly, we don’t think Teegah learned the joys of playing in his previous life. He doesn’t take much interest in his chew toys nor the balls we throw in order to engage him in play but he is simply happy to be in your company. He might even benefit of the company of another dog.

February 9, 2013 – Teegah is back from his neutering surgery and his dental cleaning. The vet removed 16 teeth!!! He must feel so much better now with a fresh breath and no rotten teeth in his mouth. He has pigmentation is both eyes but does not require any medication. Other than that, he’s in great shape and we’re happy to have the snuffly sounds back at home with us…we kind of missed him 🙂

February 5, 2013 – Teegah has been with us for 3 days now and we are starting to see his real personality come out. He is generally a very calm dog (rarely barks) and loves to nap but will wake up to follow you everywhere you go as he doesn’t like to be alone. He started yesterday with little spurts of running in the house particularly when the kids (aged 6 & 7) return from home but this doesn’t last long and then he returns to his bed. We have a cat and he couldn’t be bothered with her, unless it is to sneak through the barrier to get to her food which this little Houdini has managed to do a couple of times. Other than that there are no issues with cats. We’ve only met up with one dog (puppy) on our walks and he seems to be very keen in playing with them. We will be visiting friends with dogs of different sizes to see his reactions but we suspect he will be simply be thrilled to be in other canine company. As for training, he doesn’t seem to have had much of that. We are working on the sit command, heel as well as not jumping up on people’s legs upon their arrival in the house. Teegah will sleep all night in his own bed with no issues and can hold his bladder throughout the night. During the day, he does have a habit of marking but the belly bands have been a lifesaver in preventing the marking behaviour. Hopefully his neutering surgery (on Friday) will go well and get rid of this habit altogether. Teegah is a sweet dog for an owner who is looking for companionship and cuddles. He might even benefit with the company of another dog and is great with young children.

February 1, 2013 – Teegah is an owner surrender. He is a lovely, affectionate little guy who wants more than anything to be by your side. When he is anxious or excited he gets very snuffly but this soon subsides once he is comfortable in his new surroundings. At times he is hand shy but is always up for a butt scratch or tummy rub. He loves to lie close by in his doggie bed and chew on a Nylabone or snooze. He walks well on a leash with no pulling and seems used to the walking routine. He has been clean in his crate and the house except for some early marking which gradually end once he is neutered. Teegah is good with the resident dog and also seems to like little kids. He is not too content in his crate and has a tendency to bark and whine when left alone but that will get better with time. Teegah does not appear to have had any training so he needs a family that will be there for him and teach him some basic good dog behaviour to help him reach his potential as a super little pet. Teegah will be going to the vet on February 8, 2013 to get neutered and have his teeth cleaned.