Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

TBone_July_19August 18, 2013 – T-Bone has gone to his forever home, he will be sharing his life with a female Golden Doodle.

August 12, 2013 – T-Bone has had a fabulous week and we couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. This smart and spirited boy has been responding so well to the structure and rules that are now part of his everyday life. He is happy to listen and respond to any correction and tries very hard to follow the rules. When he hears a happy “GOOD BOY” from his proud foster mom when he’s done something really positive, it’s like he holds his head high and looks right into your eyes knowing he’s done something good. It’s very cute. As it is summer, someone has been home most of the time so his time alone has been extremely limited. When he is left alone for short periods he has full run of the house. We do, however, close bedroom doors and bathroom doors as he’s extremely curious about the garbage cans in hopes that someone left a candy wrapper that he can lick clean.