Age: 8 months old
Adoption Status:

Jake_MollyMy Husband and I had two furry babies, a Dachshund named Jack and a pug named LOLA. After losing LOLA tragically we felt that we had a hole in our hearts that would never heal. The thought of her would bring tears to our eyes and speaking her name would just bring pain instead of happy memories. It was our dog Jack that inspired us to consider welcoming a new dog into our lives… He truly missed his companion and so we decided to consider another friend for him. We looked at many rescue organizations while contemplating weather or not we were ready for another family member, BUT, when we came across Molly’s picture and story it was instant that we knew she was to be a member of our Family. It all happened so fast and before we knew it she was home with us! Since Molly’s arrival we have done nothing but laugh and smile. We have been able to tell stories of LOLA and laugh instead of cry. Molly has reminded us of all of the special memories that we shared with LOLA instead of the few sad that were only brief at the end of her life. Molly is just a bundle of love and humor, she has so many silly quirks that we cannot get enough of! Jack has taken her under his wing and shown her such love and patience, he LOVES being a big brother once more and she walks around mimicking him all day, it is hysterical:) She walked in our door and instantly knew that she was home, we are so happy to be able to give her a life that is full of love, health, happiness and safety. She now spends her days waking up at the break of dawn in order to chase squirrels, eat her favorite food, play with her toys and take leisurely walks with her best friend Jack. We feel so lucky that Molly has brought us peace and a reminder of happier times, she was sent by LOLA to be our little pug angel on earth. We treasure her and all of the new beautiful memories that we are making with her each and every day. We can’t imagine our lives without her… She has healed our hearts and brought us new joy, we cannot thank UMWPR enough for the incredible work that they do and for bringing Molly into our lives!

Thank you so much,
Niki, Gustavo, Jack & Molly