Stella (formerly Bella)

Adoption Status:

stellabellaStella has settled in amazingly well. She is very sweet and gentle. She is a beautiful pug and perfect in every way, except for her breath! We’ve taken her to the vet for her check up and it seems she has quite serious tooth decay and gum disease, so we are looking forward to fixing the problem. She was at first a little wary of her new pug sister, Lola, but the two get closer everyday…literally. At first the two would sleep at opposite ends of the couch, but each day, they inch closer and closer and now they are tentatively touching. They get tons of exercise chasing each other around the house and are share their toys and treats very nicely. Before we adopted Stella, we were somewhat nervous about having two pugs and the extra responsibility, but our fears are unfounded. Stella is so easygoing that she is really a delight. She loves to cuddle and give kisses and is crazy about kids. (Stella is the left side of the photo)