Age: 2 years old
Adoption Status:

StellaFebruary 1, 2014 – Stella is gone to her forever home today…….

January 17, 2014 – Stella was spayed today and the vet checked her back legs. She’s 11.5 lbs. She has hip dysplasia and grade 2/4 luxating patella on the left leg and grade 3 on the right one. Despite all that, she’s full of energy and plays like crazy and wrestle with the resident dog. Stella is going back to her foster family tonite for a quiet recovery. The vet recommends to put her on a supplement for her joints/articulations. Stella will get her stitches removed in 14 days.

January 7, 2014 -Stella is doing well, she plays well with the resident dog. She generally goes outside to do her business, but on those really cold days we had recently she’s had accidents in the basement even though I was trying to get her outside for lots of short trips. Stella is very cuddly and is great with our son, who carries her around and cuddles her quite a bit. With people, she generally just wants to cuddle up. She has occassionally plays with toys, but doesn’t bother with them that much. She does like to chew on Zoe sticks and chewies. There is something with stairs though. Often times, she has no issues with them, both up and down. Other times we have to carry her up the stairs. It’s usually at night when there are not many lights on, so I wonder if she sees well in dim light. Or it could be something with her legs, but her legs seem good and she has no problem tearing around with Stan, or running up and down the snow pile in the back yard, or jumping up on the couch. She sleeps very well at night. She doesn’t get up or wander at all. Stella is getting spayed on January 17 and will have her hind legs looked after and her eyes to make sure everything is good on that side.

December 30, 2013 – We got a 5kg black female pug this afternoon. We are going to give her a name soon. This little bundle of fur is affectionate and the greatest to bring for a car ride. She has a bit of skin problems on the back but the vet said it might be cause by food allergies or environmental reaction. This little girl will soon get spayed and have her hips checked as she seems to have arthritis in that region. Stay tuned for more info on this beautiful little girl. The vet estimated that she would be 2 years old and probably had puppies before.