Age: 2 years old
Adoption Status:

IMG_3156SophieRedMy husband & I fell in love with her the first time we met her at Critter Jungle. I was so excited to get home & fill in the adoption application. It took three times before my computer would actually cooperate with the task of filling out the form. I told everyone at work the next day that I had applied for a pug adoption. We were very excited to hear that we could have a home visit. And when we found out that Sophie could be ours I burst into tears. And now our lives are filled with happiness & now laughter.Sophie has joined our cat family.She is living with my husband, myself & four cats. Our own cat rescue is the most curious to meet Sophie & I can not wait for the day that they curl up together. As Simba is a real loverboy. For now I will always find Sophie lying on the couch with my husband or myself. Sophie has met three neighborhood pugs & also visits with pugs at Critter Jungle along with other dogs. We recently met a pug at a local pet store at a social. The neighborhood is also full of dogs who we meet on our walks.
Thanks again for bringing this very loving & affectionate pug into our lives. I cannot believe that my husband is always happy to get all of Sophie’s many kisses.

Dereck, Tammy, Kiko, Pria, Simba & Pasha