Age: 7 years old
Adoption Status:

Piggy2May 1, 2014 – Skippy is going to her forever home this Sunday.

April 7, 2014 – Skippy had a great week and fit right in with all the other resident pugs. She loves going on walks and she walks on leash extremely well. She likes to stay close to us whether we are sitting on the sofa or in the kitchen doing dishes. She is well behaved and always has a wagging tail for everyone she meets. If you are interested in adopting Skippy, please contact us HERE.

March 26, 2014 – Skippy is doing amazingly well since having the stone from her bladder removed and getting spayed. While most of the time she is quite content to just curl up on her pillow or beside you on the couch, this little girl can be quite entertaining and vocal when it’s meal time; also when she realizes you are taking her for a walk. Skippy is good on the leash but still tends to want to stop frequently to try to eliminate but I think this is more of a habit from her bladder issues. Since having her surgery, she has not had an accident in the house and usually goes to the door when wanting out. Skippy is very friendly with anyone she meets and her tail rarely stops wagging. She recently met a few young children and just seemed to enjoy all the attention she was getting. Skippy also seems very friendly when meeting other dogs and she’ll be spending her upcoming week with a few other pugs so we’ll have a better idea on how she interacts with them long term. Skippy is now fully recovered from her surgery and available for adoption so please contact us HERE if you are interested in adopting this sweet little girl.

March 19, 2014 – Skippy is doing great. We’ve been leaving her cone and crate free any time we’re home, even at night and she’s been really good. Skippy can’t wait to go out for walks and she gets excited when she puts her harness to go in the backyard. Skippy is now ready to get adopted, please contact us HERE if you are interested in adopting Skippy.

March 13, 2014 – Skippy has returned from the vet and although a little groggy, she should be feeling much better very soon. Unfortunate for Skippy, she lived for quite a long time with an egg-sized stone in her bladder. This is something that would have been easily detected by a vet and due to the many years left untreated, Skippy’s bladder walls were one inch thick causing only a minute space left to hold any liquid. On a positive note, UMWPR was able to have their vet catch this and treat it. The stone has been sent for analysis in order to rule out any further issues. Skippy was also spayed and had her teeth cleaned (she lost 6 teeth). She will now enjoy running amongst male dogs without feeling their leering stares! Skippy will remain at the vet until this weekend in order to heal under supervision, she will remain on antibiotics and has begun a special vet diet that will assist in her urinary difficulties. Skippy has been able to win over all hearts at the clinic and spends her time lapping up their attention. First on the menu, a giant pee this morning with a huge smile and eyes closed, we are sure this is the best feeling she has felt in years. Skippy has been through quite the ordeal and it is time for her to rest in anticipation of her new beginning. Stay tuned for more info on Skippy.

March 12, 2014 – Skippy is at the vet today to remove a huge stone from her bladder which has obviously been causing her some extreme discomfort. The surgery to remove the stone will be performed alongside her spaying surgery. After a couple of healing days, Skippy will have some bounce back in her step and will begin her new life; a life free of pain and sadness. Skippy will now enjoy the spoils in her foster home and as we learn more about her and her personality, we will be able to determine the perfect forever home for her. If you are interested in meeting Skippy and think you can provide her with a wonderful forever home, please contact us once she’s in the Available for Adoption section.

March 10, 2014 – Skippy was at the vet today and she has a massive stone in her bladder. She will have it removed this Wednesday and will be spayed at the same time. The stone takes almost all the space in her bladder. Update will be posted after the surgery. Despite that, Skippy has a very sweet and happy disposition.

March 9, 2014 – Skippy is a very sweet and friendly pug. She has settled comfortably into her foster home. Skippy had a nice bath & got her nails trimmed and was very calm during everything (and as most pug owners know, getting their nails done can be a challenge but this girl barely even noticed they were getting trimmed). Skippy is pretty laid back most of the time but she did get excited when we went for a walk yesterday and she does have a playful side. She had a pretty good first night and was only up twice but that is probably due to a possible UTI. Skippy is going to the vet today for a complete check & for urine analysis and x-rays of her bladder. Check back soon for more updates on Skippy as we get to know this precious girl better.

March 8, 2014 – Skippy is an owner surrender. She’s 7 years old and she weights 17.7lbs. Skippy is not spayed and she probably had a urinary tract infection or perhaps stones in her bladder. Skippy is very friendly and sweet. She will be going to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up and urine analysis and x-rays. Stay tuned for more info on Skippy.