Adoption Status:

shadow2Our little boy pug Bobo was the love of our lives, but he needed a pug buddy to play with. It was then that we decided to adopt Shadow – a wonderful two and a half year old black male pug. As soon as Bobo and Shadow met, they struck up an immediate friendship, and that friendship has grown stronger with each passing day. The two are now completely inseparable. I honestly have to say that I have never met a dog with such a sweet disposition as Shadow’s; he is calm, quiet, dignified and extremely cute. He appeared to be comfortable with his new surroundings right from the first day, and on that evening, was seen to be spooning (and snoring loudly) with Bobo on the big doggie bed in the living room.

Both my wife and I are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been selected to provide Shadow his forever home. Thank you Genevieve and everyone else at UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue, you have made my wife and I (not to mention Bobo) extremely happy. Now we have two loves in our lives.

Andy & MC