Adoption Status:

ruby_portrait drove out to Carleton Place last winter to meet Ruby, a fawn pug that had already lived a few lives by the age of four. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous driving out there. We have two female pugs already and I was worried that a third might cause problems. Ruby fit in from the moment she arrived to her new house. Our dominant pug Winnie sized Ruby up and I guess had the smarts to realize that Ruby was a tank not to be messed with. Ruby took instantly to our senior sweetheart pug, Beasley. Ruby became Beasley’s shadow. The three girls have dog beds all over the house, yet you’ll always find them curled up together; even if it’s in the dog bed that is bordering on too small for just one of them. Ruby fit into her new household as if she was raised here. She is full of love and has the sweetest disposition. It took her a little while to come out of her shell, but she’s blossomed into a playful, happy, little/big girl. When I look into her big soulful eyes I can’t help but think of the dogs still trapped in a life of hell. Ruby is one of the lucky ones who made it out. If anyone reading this has any apprehension about adopting a pug that was a puppy mill rescue (like I did) let me assure you that with a little love and a gentle approach these dogs can become perfectly well adjusted. A huge thank you to Genevieve for letting Ruby join our family. We can’t imagine our family without her.