Age: 9 years old
Adoption Status:

Rosie_BackyardWhat can we say about Rosie. Rosie loves the outdoors and her walks with Levi. We learned just how much Rosie is a squirrel watcher. She would be up the tree with the squirrels if we did not have a leash on her. Rosie is a playful girl and still loves her frog, although, Levi has been known to use her frog for a resting place at times. Rosie has a ‘me’ personality. It’s all about Rosie. She snuggles with Levi at night, and follows him where ever he wanders. Rosie is a fun, cuddly, loving, pug. She is a great match for Levi. They need each other. Where would we be without Rosie! She has brought many laughs to our family. A joy to have around.