Adoption Status:

rosieRosie came to her forever home in November 2006 after being rescued by UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue from a horrific puppy mill situation. She was in pretty bad shape but has come a long way in less than a year. Rosie is now happy and healthy and enjoying life with her pug sister Lola and her extended pug family of Maisie and Belle. She is also loved by her humans who dote on her and love to see her experience fun new things, such as climbing the stairs (we’re still working on that but she’s getting the hang of it), playing with toys, and running wild and free at the dog park. Rosie is very affectionate and enjoys meeting (and being petted by/giving kisses to) other people, particularly young children. Her gentle and open nature is amazing and is truly a gift considering her background. Her greatest joy is snoozing contentedly on the couch with Lola and her Mommy. I am so grateful that I was able to give this precious little creature a bit of happiness. A huge thank you to Genevieve for the important work you do!