Age: 7 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

Rosie_14_ApMay 9, 2014 – Rosie is going to her forever home tomorrow..(-:

April 15, 2014 – Imagine your life, although not great, is turned upside down and you are thrown into a new world of new challenges and experiences. We are always amazed at the tenacity of the pugs in our care, so eager to learn and adapt at our feet. Rosie has returned from the vet with five less teeth but with a breathtaking smile and an amazing new outlook on life. No longer able to be used for her body, Rosie is adapting wonderfully every day to her new life of love and freedom. Rosie is learning that the leash means roaming in the outdoors where she is being introduced to so many new things; grass, rocks, and so much fresh air. Rosie has learned that stairs may be the path to the giant beds that hold her caring humans, a magnificent place where cuddles are given amongst warmth and so many pillows! Rosie is a compact pug at 16.3 lbs. and is loving life – are you able to introduce her to all the wonderment that life beyond a cage has to offer? If you are interested in meeting or adopting Rosie, please contact us HERE……

April 2, 2014 – Rosie was at the vet last night for a complete check up. Everything looks good. Her heart is fine and she seems in good health. Rosie was brought up to date in her vaccination and will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned in the coming weeks.

ROSIEMarch 31, 2014 – Rosie came in yesterday. She will be going to the vet this week for a complete check up and to be brought up to date in her vaccination. Rosie will also be spayed soon. Stay tuned for more info on this beautiful girl.