Rocky II

Age: 5 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

Rocky_YeahIt’s been just a few months since I picked up Taco (formerly Rocky II) from his foster house and boy have we bonded! This is one happy pug all the time, but you can tell he is just in heaven when he’s in my arms. Taco is so eager to make new (human) friends and loves to be admired and pet on walks and in the home. We’ve had a few changes in the past month, including moving to a new home with some new roommates, but Taco has proved himself adaptable in every situation, adoring his new human roommate, taking interest in his new kitty roommate, and even helping me pack (well, napping on all my piles of clothes). Taco walks beautifully, and is becoming increasingly brave when meeting other dogs on the streets and at parks, and has even ventured a reciprocal butt-sniff now and then! He’s always well behaved, too: he knows which furniture he can and can’t cuddle on, he never begs for other peoples’ food, and shakes a paw like a champ for cheese. While he still doesn’t have much interest in toys (and certainly not in balls), he loves to play and climb and settle in for tummy rubs at the end of it all. Taco happily comes to the office with me and keeps everyone entertained, and loves to curl up with a movie at home. Car rides are a favourite, especially if there’s a promise of another person to snuggle at the destination. I can’t imagine a dog who is a more perfect match for me, nor another dog who could make me laugh as much as Taco. Thank you so much, Under My Wing, for helping me find the pug of my dreams!!