Age: 10 years old
Adoption Status:

Reuben_May_19We picked up Dudley (formerly Reuben) just over 2 weeks ago. We had a 5 hour drive home and sporadically, for the first hour, Dudley would look out the back window and whine, cry and howl. He seemed really sad leaving his foster family! He has slowly started opening up so that we can see his playful side. He loves to play with his Boston/Pug cousin Tessa and take walks meeting all of the neighbourhood dogs and their people. He is a very polite boy and listens extremely well. He loves car rides and is very calm and lays down till we get to our destination. We are working on his leash skills and he has improved greatly. We are so happy that he adopted us and are very thankful to Genevieve and his foster family for saving Dudley and showing him how to behave in a proper home. We are going to have such a rich life exploring, camping, fishing socializing and conquering the world together! Hopefully, we can all do our part for the animal world. Keep our pets safe and happy.

Dudley and his Mom and Dad