Age: 1 year
Adoption Fees: $500
Adoption Status:

October 5, 2019 – Pretzel is gone to her forever home where she will spend her life with an active Golden Retriever.

September 16, 2019 – Pretzel has had a good week. She did have a few accidents in the house. Pretzel loves to play fetch and she loves playing with the resident pugs. Pretzel enjoys a nice cuddle after a day of play. She will curl up with you on the couch or in bed. Pretzel enjoys going for walks and walks well on the leash.  Pretzel will follow me all around the house and she is like a little shadow. We have been working on a few commands and she is slowly catching on. Pretzel likes to sleep in the bed with us and she will stay in the bed until morning.
When my seventh month old grand daughter visits, Pretzel is always gentle with her and gives her kisses.

September 6, 2019 – Pretzel’s forever home ideally has:
A large fenced in backyard
A young playful dog because Pretzel LOVES to run & play
An active family who will give her 3 long walks a day
Someone working from home or a home where she would only spend a few hours alone every day
Pretzel would thrive in a family who would bring her on long hiking trails…she would also enjoy a running partner. This sweet girl needs training and has LOTS of potential. She just didn’t have the chance to get trained as a puppy so she barks & bites fingers to play.  Pretzel is getting the visit of a dog trainer this coming Thursday to assess her and see what’s the best way to train this sweet girl to become a polite and well behaved dog.

August 30, 2019 – Pretzel’s forever home is an active family who will e willing to get her into obedience training.  She is a young pug who hasn’t learned anything.  She will be mouthy and will bite fingers if she gets over excited and she will bark.  A good structure with clear rules would benefit this sweet girl.  Pretzel is petite at 14lbs.  She gets along well with dogs and kids.  Life in an appartment is NOT for Pretzel.  A fenced in backyard where she can play fetch and run with another playful dog would be ideal.  Pretzel just turned 1 on August 22.

August 20, 2019 – Pretzel’s forever home has:
A fenced in backyard
Ideally a young playful dog….
An active family who will exercise her several times a day.  Pretzel is still a puppy and loves to chase squirrels, cars, bicycles, birds & everything that moves; she will NOT come back when called so life in the country with NO fenced in area is NOT suitable for this little dynamo…..
Obedience training would also benefit this little girl.
Life in an appt is NOT suitable for Pretzel as she tends to be quite vocal (we are working on that).
Pretzel is about 14lbs.

August 12, 2019 – All is still well with lil Pretzel. She has two speeds: zoomies & sleepies. We’ve been walking her for ~30 minutes four times a day with lots of play time in between. This tuckers her out and she is content to curl up beside us and snooze. Pretzel walks fairly well but tends to try to chase after cars, bicycles, and humans. We are working on keeping her focused on the sidewalks but her recall needs a little work. Her forever home has a fenced in backyard to prevent her from running into the street.  Pretzel is ok with being left alone for a couple hours at a time. She howls a little when we first walk out the door but is quiet within a minute or two. When we come back she is quiet until she hears the key in the lock, when she goes into full zoomie mode.  She continues to be mindful of resident pug Vitto, giving him his space. Except maybe when food is involved. But we’ve come up with a successful distraction plan to maintain calm.

July 29, 2019 – Pretzel had a ball at yesterday Mid-Summer Pawty.  She is now ready to be adopted.  We are looking for an active family and ideally, one with another young dog with whom Pretzel will be able to play.

July 25, 2019 – Pretzel has had a good week, a couple of accidents in the house but we are working on getting better. Pretzel is back to her playful self. She is enjoying playing fetch with a little rubber ball. When she is having quiet time, she does enjoy sitting quietly on the couch and having cuddles. And she loves to sleep right beside you. She is doing well on her walks. She loves playing outside in the yard and tries very hard to get the other dogs to chase her.
She does like to be my little shadow and follow me all around the house.









July 23, 2019 – Pretzel arrived to rescue a little over a week ago.  She is a very playful little girl who got spayed last week, she is now recovering in her foster family.  Pretzel is born August 22, 2018.