Age: 1 year old
Adoption Status:

PierreOctober 1, 2014 – Pierre is growing up quickly. His day starts with a morning walk, then breakfast which he gobbles down. The rest of his day consists of daily exercise, basic training, playing with his toys, naps and cuddle time. There have been no accidents in the house. Pierre will let you know when he needs to go out by prancing in front of you. He has mastered the sit command and will do so when asked. Most times he will come to you when called. This is a work in progress. Being a puppy he must be watched as he tends to put everything in his mouth. Pierre enjoys his play dates at the dog park. He enjoys playing with his friends and loves the attention he gets from other dog parents. Sometimes he requires a bath after play which he thoroughly enjoys. When not in a fenced area Pierre should be on a leash at all times as he will run off if distracted and he does not no the dangers of cars. A family with a dog, to keep him company, and no young children would be best suited for this special guy. We wouldn’t want him to get hurt by young children not knowing his limitations.

Due to his challenges a family that can take the time, have the patience, understand his limitations and love him for who he is is the family we hope to find.