Age: 3 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

pickles04June 14, 2013 – Pickle is going to her forever home in 2 weeks. She will be doing Agility and will share her life with a Border Collie who’s also doing Agility. A very active life is ahead of her and this is exactly what we wanted for this beautiful girl.

June 3, 2013 – Pickle is the kind of dog that if you treat her nice and fair, she will follow you, respect you and worship you. She is always looking at you for directions. She listens extremely well no matter it’s inside or outside. For example, she eliminates outside of our backyard (new sods). I just need to open the backyard door, she goes out, does her business and comes right back, no leash at all.

Here is a typical day for Pickle: Pickle gets up at 6:30, let out for morning release, has breakfast is around 7:00. At 8:00, she will jump into the car with me to drive my son to school. Sometimes, we will have a morning play in the neighborhood park or go to the dog park. At the park, she is not leashed because she needs to run and run and run, or fetch balls. The rest of the day, she will just wander around in the house. She will watch me and follow me everywhere because she didn’t want to miss any of the opportunity to go out with me. Dinner is around 5:00. She gets excited when meals are prepared but will sit and wait until allowed to eat. She eats very fast so I put a potato in the middle of the bowl to slow her down a little bit. After my dinner, she gets a little bit restless either begging with her eyes or baby sounded cries because it’s time to GO OUT. We will usually go to meet the neighborhood dogs. She not only made friends with the dogs but two ladies who spoil her with balls almost every evening. They throw balls and she will be the one gets the ball all the time, NO CHANCE FOR OTHER DOGS AT ALL. If she gets tired she will rest with the ball in her mouth. If we go for a walk, the ball is in her mouth no matter how long we walk, so I sometime have to hide the ball under my shirt to let her pant. We come home when it’s dark. Pickle will be lying right beside me on the couch, puts her head on my leg and goes to sound sleep. I will put her into her cage when I go to bed and she will sleep there sound and sweet until the sun rise up again. Pickle need that one family who will see the beauty of an athletic dog and who will be able to stimulate her, in return, she will be the most loyal companion. If you think you are that person, please submit your adoption application form.

June 1, 2013 – Pickle is still looking for her forever home. This place should be a place where she will get the exercise & stimulation she needs. Pickle will melt your heart with her long athletic legs, her soft coat and her beautiful eyes. If you are interested in adopting Pickle, please submit your adoption application form. Pickle would be fine with or without a canine companion.

May 9, 2013 – I want to take the opportunity to mention MY introduction to Pickle. As Foster Coordinator with UMWPR, I have on occasion had the pleasure to spend time with Pickle, both in transport and during our events. Pickle is one of the most gentle and sweet-tempered dogs that I have spent time with. I have also been lucky enough to witness and play with Pickle; since I had heard so much about her tenacity when it came to balls and playing fetch. There is no exaggeration, Pickle is absolutely fixated on fetch and it is her joy to chase and return any prize to you, always in the most tender fashion. Pickle is so docile in the car, patiently waiting to see where each adventure leads; she is marvelous company on any trip, no matter the length. The most fantastic part about Pickle’s accompaniment in the car is that she does not shed AT ALL and leaves no trace after leaving! To meet Pickle has been a delight and I recommend her as a companion for a very active family that will continue to exercise her to her immense capabilities. Pickle would excel in Agility. Please take the chance on this wonderful dog and help her become all she can be.

Dinner timeApril 30, 2013 – Pickle has for sure made here her home and enjoying her life. We’ve been to the dog park couple of times and playing in the neighborhood parks at least twice a day. She has made a lot of friends in the park and become very famous. People are fascinated by how fast she can run and how much she loves fetching balls. She becomes a “ball monster” because if she sees balls she has to get it. She will invite herself into the games and once she is in, no dog will have a turn. The big dogs can only touch the ball when she drops it in front of the thrower. With the help of the EZ harness, the pulling problem is under control. Other than that she is strong and healthy and a joy to be around.

April 18, 2013 – Pickle has been doing really fine after her spaying surgery. It’s extremely hard for her not to run but if she is put in the crate, she is very quiet and calm and will stay there as long as it needed. We reduced the exercise for the week and only take evening walks on leash. With the training harness she is much better on leash. We had couple of pack walk with some of the neighborhood dogs and she behaved very well enjoyed the company. She is so much calmer when it’s time to go out and will wait at the door for directions. She will curl up beside me when it’s movie time at night and loves to sneak under my blanket, putts her head on my leg and sleep soundly for the evening. She really enjoys being pat and cuddled, will roll over for belly rub. She is such a sweet companion being it is a vigorous run outside or quiet cuddling inside. If somebody is looking for a agility champion, she is definitely a perfect choice.

April 12, 2013 – Pickle was at the vet today to get spayed. Surgery went very well and she weights 21.5lbs. She’s going back to her foster home tonite for a smooth recovery. She’s going to have to wear a cone and probably be crated until her stitches are removed as this little girl is very active.

April 9, 2013 – Pickle has been a real joy. She is the most energetic dog we’ve ever met. She can sprint for hours and not show a sign of being tired. She LOVEs fetching balls and she is as fast as a bolt. I have to bring two balls when we go for fetch. I’ll throw one to the back and Pickle will dash to it. Then I’ll throw the other one to the front, but still my boxer dog will have little chance to catch it because Pickle will fly to get it with the first ball in her mouth. Then she will take some time to decide which one to drop and bring one back to me. She will be such a joy with a family who loves outdoor activities, The greatest thing is that she will run and run but never run away. She is always circling back and forth. The other great thing about her is that she does not shed. She behaves very well in the house, always trying to engage you to play with her but if you ignore her, she will just take a toy to her crate and quietly play by herself. She is great in the car. She is being trained to be patient when leaving the house because as soon as she sees the leash she gets extremely excited. | see more of Jack Russell in her because she can jump to my shoulder for a ball. She is great with people as well as dogs. She eats her meal in 2 seconds, no chewing but just few licks the food is gone. Because of the increased activity leave, she lost some weight so we’ve increased her meal from to 1/2 cup per feeding. Pickle is getting spayed this Friday.

0330pickle 041March 31, 2013 – Pickle is a perfect dog for someone who loves to play and outdoor activities. She is polite and patient, and quiet indoor. She can play with her toys (mainly balls for hours).She sleeps in the cage through the night, makes a soft cry when she needs to go out, loves belly rub and follows me around. In my store she is very quiet and good mannered when she meets my customers. When she goes outside, she is a different dog. She runs and runs, extremely happy, very well on calls, good mannered to meet other dogs in the dog park. She is learning to sit, and down and wait, especially when the door is open. She is smart and a quick learner. She is pulling hard on the leash but we are working on giving that little girls good manners.

March 25, 2013 – Pickle had a wonderful time visiting with everyone this past Saturday and showing her glorious underbite smile, thanks again to Pet Valu for the opportunity to allow everyone to meet her and raise awareness for the rescue. Pickle is a very active girl who would and will thrive in agility or activity that will canalize her high level of energy. Pickle can keep up with all dogs, big or small and LOVES to play fetch, usually wearing out her foster family. We are in the process of moving Pickle to a foster home that has experience with dog training and will help her become a very polite and well-behaved girl. Pickle has one week remaining on her medication and will soon be set for her spaying surgery. If you are looking for a jogging or hiking buddy or to do agility or rallye-o, Pickle is the dog for you. Stay tuned for more on Pickle, as she will soon be ready for adoption.

March 17, 2013 – Pickle is a very polite and sweet girl who like most, loves her belly rubs. Pickle is currently being treated for allergies with Vanectyl-P and we have switched her diet to a high quality grain-free formula. Once her cycle of allergy medicine is completed, we will be able to have her spayed and she will soon after be ready for adoption. Pickle is definitely a pug mix, in that she loves being outside – even in this colder season! Pickle was not presented with many rules in her previous life and is adapting well to a structured environment with constant encouragement. Pickle will do marvelously on a forever couch, with or without another dog – but she will prefer with a companion to play with. Continue to check for updates on Pickle as we learn more about her personality.

March 10, 2013 – Pickle is anything but sour; she is so happy when she meets people and dogs. She jumps up in the air beside them to show her excitement. She also does this little jump when she knows we are going for a walk, and really loves being outside. On leash, she really likes to pull but she seems to be catching on quickly to corrections. As for sit and other commands, they also will need some work. We took her to a fenced in area to run around, and once off leash she stuck to her foster parents like glue! Once she got comfortable she ran with dogs big and small – and boy can she run. She can also fetch and is really quick to give the ball back. She plays really well with the resident pugs, loves playing tug and is not dominant at all over toys. She has had one accident but will go outside at every opportunity so we are letting her out often. She loves being near her foster parents, either cuddling beside us or near our feet. This is one happy go lucky lass who will benefit from a family who can keep her active and loved.

March 9, 2013 – Pickle is a Pug X with Jack Russell who has come to us this evening as an owner surrender. Pickle is a good size at approximately 23 lbs. and is quite active. Pickle appears to know her basic commands and with patience and work, she will soon blossom into a polite lady. Pickle is fostered with two other dogs and we will soon learn more about her during her adjustment period. Pickle will soon visit the vet for her spaying surgery and will then be brought up to date in her vaccinations. Keep checking back here for updates, as Pickle’s new life begins.