Peggy Sue

Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

Peggy_SueCPPenny (formerly Peggy Sue) has adjusted to her new life faster than anyone could have expected! Since the first day, after some ground rules were established, Penny and Lucy, the resident pug, get along great! They love to sit on their new bed together in front of the fire, or watch TV together on the couch. They cuddle each other in the back seat during car rides to Grandma’s house, and both share our bed at night. Penny has settled into a regular mealtime and bathroom routine, and has now discovered how much fun toys can be! Our favorite thing is hearing her excited, high-pitched bark coming from inside when we get home from work. We want to thank Penny’s foster family and UMWPR for bringing Penny into our lives. We feel very blessed to have 2 such wonderful daughters!

Laura & Bernard