Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

PeanutCuddlyLike so many of the pugs rescued at Under My Wing, Peanut’s story pulls at the heartstrings. She had been surrendered by her owner and passed through a string of foster homes. Each one described her as loving and gentle. For her no doubt each new place was her home and the people in it her family but for a range of reasons, she was repeatedly uprooted and moved on. You would think that by the time Peanut arrived on our doorstep she would have become suspicious and hesitant about giving her heart to yet another family. Of course, if you thought that then you do not know Peanut.

After a quick sniff around her new domain she soon came to recognize Ruth as her special person (even though I handle the majority of feedings). From that moment it was like they were two pieces of the same heart. Peanut is a true pocket dog, never a few paces away from Ruth (unless there is the sound of food in another room that needs investigating). When Ruth returns from work, from the fussing and yipping Peanut makes, you would think that they had been apart for weeks rather than hours. And whether it’s out back gardening, sitting on the deck reading or watching television Peanut is never far from Ruth’s side.

In the short time since she has come into our lives Peanut has generated a multitude of stories. Peanut and the Rottweiler (she thinks that she is one), Peanut at the cottage, Peanut’s 6 a.m. Breakfast (she can tell time), Peanut finds the Pill, Peanut the defender, Peanut and the cat. Each story though different has a common theme. A fearless little dog with a huge heart (and an even bigger appetite) takes on the world to keep her special person safe. As she has settled into her new life with us a marvellous and miraculous thing has happened. The chronic skin irritation she suffered from her whole life, characterized by raw itching pustules has disappeared. No doubt our vet has something to do with that but we like to think that in some small way it is a sign that Peanut has finally found her home. Thanks again.

Ruth & Marc