Age: 1.5 year old
Adoption Status:

PJAMAJune 22, 2015 – PJ has been adopted by his foster family. He will live with a pug brother and a pug sister. Be happy young man !!

June 12, 2015 – PJ had his rabies vaccination yesterday and everything checked out fine. The vet chose not to do the lower jaw x-ray as he is eating fine. Housetraining is coming along at a rapid pace. PJ is also walking much better on a leash and will sit when asked (mostly). We are working on the come, sit and stay commands now. He can be an energizer bunny but once settled he is quite cuddly. He is sleeping in the big bed with no problems now. I took him to work with me today and he was a gem! Very well behaved and even signaled to go out for the bathroom. We had our young nephews over on the weekend (6 & 2) and he was great with them.
PJ is still possessive of toys and chew sticks and is slowly learning to share while under close supervision. He wants to be top dog but with enough work, he can settle into a house with other dogs but in the short time I’ve had him, he transforms into a dream pug when he is on his own. PJ will soon be available for adoption.